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Program Start Dates: January 2015, April 2015, July 2015 and October 2015
Program Duration: 18 months (6 terms)
Campus: Dundas Square

Program Description

Toronto Film School’s Film Production graduates are in high demand with the Canadian industry’s explosive growth in independent film, digital filmmaking, and specialty television. The Film Production Diploma blends creative and technical skills training, to prepare graduates for careers as directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, and cameramen.

Film production students have the unique opportunity to collaborate with Toronto Film school students and instructors in other creative programs, including Writing for Film & TelevisionActing for Film, Television & Theatre, as well as Video Game Design & Development and Video Game Design & Animation.

Students explore every area of production, from storyboards to studio practices, and from writing, editing, lighting and cinematography, to audio, video formats and video production. They train with hands-on camera work and are instructed and mentored by entertainment industry experts.


At the Toronto Film School Students will:

  • Learn about TV and film history, as well as the latest in new media developments
  • Develop advanced editing, audio, cinematography, and lighting skills
  • Develop and pitch entertainment concepts
  • Create scripts and storyboards, and develop characters and dialogue
  • Build, shoot, and strike film sets and direct actors
  • Work with diverse digital video cameras and use an ARRI camera
  • Use ProTools and Adobe AfterEffects
  • Navigate domestic and international business landscapes in TV and film, including mobile, web and video on demand
  • Create and showcase a portfolio of work from development to post-production (including a short documentary, narrative film and a final project that is festival and distribution ready)
  • Learn how to fund projects and market themselves

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