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Signature Learning Outcomes

Dynamic, Skilled, & Industry-Ready, our Signature Learning Outcomes equip students with the skills, mindsets, and confidence needed to successfully launch their creative careers.   

What Sets TFS Students Apart

At Toronto Film School, we prepare students for the real-world demands of the creative industries. Our Signature Learning Outcomes represent a foundational set of skills and mindsets that every TFS student develops, regardless of their program.


These outcomes have been developed to reflect the traits most sought-after by creative industry leaders, giving our students a competitive edge as they navigate their careers.

TFS grads are:

Why the Industry Chooses TFS GRADS

Toronto Film School graduates don’t just leave with a diploma – they possess the practical skills, professional attitude, and creative edge needed to make an impact in their chosen creative field.


Developed with direct input from industry leaders, these Signature Learning Outcomes ensure our students are career-ready and highly sought-after by studios, production companies, design firms, and the like.