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Toronto Film School Festival of Films | And the Winners Are

As a fifth term student in the Toronto Film School’s Film Production Diploma Program, sitting in the audience of the Toronto Film School Festival of Films was an incredible experience. For aspiring filmmakers, it was a dream come true to see your work on the big screen. It felt a little surreal to have people laugh and applauded something you created or helped create.

The four-hour long festival was filled with laughs, tears, and suspense; a true testament to the quality of filmmakers that the schools have to offer.  It featured music videos, short films, PSA’s and even documentary films, all expertly created by Toronto Film School Writing for Film & TV, Acting for Film, TV & the Theatre and Film Production Diploma program students. My favourite film of the day goes to Slashed; a story of a washed-up serial killer from the 80’s.


After the festival I was fortunate enough to talk with some of the nominees for the award ceremony that would follow.


Following the interviews, everyone headed to the VIP Theatre at the Cineplex Odeon at 10 Dundas where a grand awards ceremony would be held.  The theatre was buzzing, nerves were a little high, but the excitement couldn’t be contained. For many students this was their first award ceremony, but not the last.


The competition was fierce.



The festival gave a wide array of awards, with many people being nominated, unfortunately, there could only be one winner for each award…

And the winners are!


Best Documentary – Michael Uccello for A Life Long Match

Best Screen Writer – Naomi Abiola for Three Cloves of Garlic

Best Sound Design – Emily Gilbert for Drip

Best Production Design – Kai Jolley for Little Big Lights

Best Editor – Sanket Desai for Victim Triangle

Best Male Performance – Lester L. Lewis for I.G.F.

Best Female Performance – Zandréa Krysha for Come What May

Best Cinematography – Dylan Young for Sunny

Best Producer – Nick Koscik & Lauren Vesterdal for Flower

Best Director – Julian Vetrone for  Sunny

Best Picture – Grayson Lloyd for Class Clowns

All in all, this was an incredible event, and I felt privileged to be able to attend. I hope to keep you all posted on my adventures ahead!

Love, The Intern


Darcy Love was born in London Ontario but grew up in Brisbane Australia. He has a degree in music and journalism and worked in radio and print journalism before following his passion for filmmaking and coming to Toronto Film School.

Toronto Film School

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