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Faculty in the Video Game Design & Animation program are dedicated professionals who are achieved and recognized in their field of expertise.

Rob Elsworthy | Program Director (On Campus and Online)

Rob Elsworthy brings with him over a decade’s worth of experience in the video game industry, working as a Game Designer, Cinematic Animator, Visual FX artist and a System Designer. A graduate of OCAD University in Toronto, Rob has previously worked for Rockstar Games and Silicon Knights, before deciding to tick off a bucket list item and become a teacher. Projects he’s worked on include games like Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne, Red Dead Redemption, Manhunt, and the Warriors. He is also a four-time MMVA winner as a Music Video Director.

David Logan, DIPL. FILM SCORING* | Course Discipline: Game Audio

David is a graduate of the Interlochen Arts Academy in Performance and the Berklee College of Music in Film Scoring (magna cum laude). He has composed soundtracks for X-Men: Mutant Academy, the arcade classic Asteroids and Pitfall 3D. Credits include music for Ready or Not (Insight/Disney), Sex and the City, NFL on Fox and Access Hollywood. David is president of David Logan Music a licensed developer for Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation 1&2 and Nintendo GBA.

Domenico Caronzo, B.SC. | Course Discipline: Programming

Domenico Caronzo is a graduate of the Computer Science program at Ryerson University.  A passion for video game design and development led him to teaching.  With over 5 years of experience in teaching video game design and 6 years of business management, he brings his management, analytical and problem solving skills into the classroom. Domenico’s other professional endeavors include web design, application programming and various research projects.

Ramon Delgado | Course Discipline: Art History

Ramon Delgado has been teaching Multimedia and Video Game Design at college level since 1997. His main areas of expertise are design applications (Adobe, Autodesk, Corel, etc) Animation (2D and 3D), Art History, Graphic Design, etc.

What sets Ramon apart from others is his teaching methodology. He has consistently been able to connect and deliver education to his students and get great feedback from both peers and pupils.

Ramon has extensive experience that spans across various industries. He has worked for about 15 years in the Television and Graphic Design industry, in Panama, USA and Canada. Ramon has held positions such as On-Air Talent, Editor, Producer, etc. He loves to be in the classroom as teaching is his passion.

Ramon is focused upon constantly developing new ways to engage his students with new and creative ways that combine humor with thought provoking dialog and technology creating what he truly considers the best environment conducive to learning for today’s millennial+ generation.

Brad Furminger | Course Discipline: Design

Brad Furminger entered the video game development industry in September 1998, joining the Silicon Knights Design team following ten years of sales in the gaming field. He was promoted to Lead Designer in May of 1999, and served in that capacity on Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (GameCube) and Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (GameCube) and for a portion of the development on Too Human (Xbox 360).

Brad left Silicon Knights in October 2008, while working as Senior Technical Designer on an unannounced project. He joined Bedlam Studios in Toronto, Ontario as Senior Level Designer in February 2009 and remained with the studio until it closed in the summer of 2011. During his time at Bedlam, Brad led the Design team on multiple unreleased projects, including Scratch: The Ultimate DJ (Xbox 360, PS3, PC, iOS) and Gamma World: Alpha Mutation (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Ted Kim, B.A* | Course Discipline: Concept Art

Ted Kim has zigzagged all the way from Vancouver to London (ON) then to New Jersey and back to Toronto. His vocational path has followed a similar pattern.  After graduating with a finance degree at the University of Western Ontario, he fled to ‘Nu Joisey’ to attend the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon & Graphic Art.

In 1998, Ted found his first gig in classical animation at the Barking Bullfrog Cartoon Company in Vancouver. From there he stumbled upon the video game industry in Toronto working as a concept artist for Pseudo Interactive from 2000-2006. Since that time Ted has flown solo, going ‘Super Daddy by day and Freelancer by night.’

Selected Clients & Partners include Imaginary Friends Studios, Udon Entertainment, Brandstudio Press, Pseudo Interactive, Shadows in Darkness, Manifest Games, Hidden Path Entertainment, Jetix, Slave Circus Entertainment, Hero Games, Dark Matter Entertainment, Game Developer Magazine, Official Xbox Magazine, Joyride Studios, Beach Studios, Spin Master, Rubicon Publishing, Oxford University Press.

Paul Leli, B.F.A | Course Discipline: Concept Art

Paul Leli is an award-winning Artist from Toronto, Canada. He graduated from Sheridan College in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration. His art fuses super realism and street art with a keen eye for the hip- hop culture.

Leli paints in oils, acrylics, gouache, aerosol, and mixed media. Leli’s influences flow from comic book culture, renaissance art and graffiti from realism to abstraction. These opposing elements act as a buffer between the culturally appealing and artistically ambitions.

Leli’s focus is to portray the human form realistically, in order to describe life as it really is; that is to understand it rationally, while expressing subjective reality in its context through abstract expressive means.

Daniela Panacci | Course Discipline: Mathematics

Daniela is a graduate of the Applied Mathematics program at York University. Upon graduating from York, Daniela went on to obtain her Bachelor of Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. Daniela has since been working as a math teacher for York Region District School Board. Over the course of her teaching experience, Daniela has had the opportunity to work with students of all academic abilities, at various levels of study. Her overall focus has been to add value to mathematics curricula by exploring the relationship between theory and the practical world. Her various experiences in education have helped her to recognize her genuine care for the success of all students, as she guides their development toward becoming confident and independent math thinkers. Daniela’s students have described her as dedicated, patient, kind, and highly devoted to their success.

Rob Sgignoli, B.FA* | Course Discipline: Video, Art and Game History

For over a decade, Rob Sgrignoli has been a freelance graphic designer. His clientele includes a diverse array of businesses and organizations, both large and small. He is thrilled by the interesting design projects he has completed from his boutique studio working with his business partner, friend and talented Illustrator Paul Leli.

From branding and typography to posters, photography and websites, he enjoys the creative challenge, working directly with his clients, and pushing himself to produce the best work possible.

After graduating from OCAD University, Rob found that he loved the fusion of practical projects with the creative process. For the last ten years he has worked for corporate clients, design firms and charitable foundations, where he designed, produced and managed projects; including posters, social media campaigns, print production, photography initiatives and websites.

Jaba Adams
Course Discipline: Programming

Franklin Barrientos
Course Disciplines: Concept Art and Animation

Ali Kokulu
Course Discipline: Programming

Ryan Luck
Course Discipline: Programming

Dan Maendel
Course Discipline: Modeling, Animation and Level Design

Billy Matjiunis
Course Discipline: Modeling and Level Design

Dave Proctor
Course Discipline: Game Design

Gilbert Seah
Course Discipline: Mathematics

Mike Swiegot
Course Discipline: Modeling and Animation

Chris Turner
Course Discipline: Modeling and Level Design