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Video Game Students Serve Up Caffeine-Fueled Adventure with ‘Baristapocalypse’

Baristapocalypse poster

Toronto Film School’s graduating class of Video Game students recently showcased their capstone gameBaristapocalypse during a virtual event for students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Billed as a “caffeine-fueled adventure,” the multi-player game is set in a post-apocalyptic universe where players are tasked with managing a coffee shop on a commercial spacecraft – keeping it free of spills, garbage, and loitering alien clientele.

“We’re very excited. It’s been a wild 18 months, and this is the culmination of it,” said Video Game Design & Animation grad Gabriel Ramos, who served as Baristapocalypse’s Lead Artist.

The game, he explained, allows up to four players to help handle the “cosmic chaos” as they brew a variety of ingredients “in pursuit of the perfect cup of joe.”

“Our goal was to make a game that merges the hectic nature of Overcooked and the attention to detail of Papers, Please,” added Michael Stiers, the Video Game Design & Development grad who served as Baristapocalypse’s Lead Developer.

“However, we wanted to avoid the mechanical similarities, and we did that by ensuring the game was less prescriptive. What that means is that there are no recipes – there are only descriptors of what the customer is expecting, and the player has to prepare the drink as closely as possible.”


Taking visual style inspiration from the game Endless Dungeon, Stiers said Baristapocalypse’s gameplay is comprised of two main components – the customer order management system, “where you take the order, make the order and deliver the order”; and the maintenance tasks, “like cleaning up spills and garbage, discarding loiterers from the café, and quick time events.”

“All of these are designed to get the player out from behind the counter and create a sense of urgency,” he said, noting that quick time events hinder the player from completing their orders until they are addressed.


In order to ultimately win the game of Baristapocalypse, players must earn sufficient tips to get their vacation request ‘a-brew-ved’, explained Jeffrey Tong, the game’s Co-Technical Director and Networking Lead.

“Each satisfied customer generates a review based on a multitude of factors, including accuracy and delivery time, as well as café cleanliness… each review is based on a five-star system, as well as a randomly generated description on how well each customer was served, as well as what the player can improve on…” he explained.

“At the end of the game, your score is tallied up using the amount of tips earned, and to win you must meet a minimum threshold.”

For more information about Baristapocalypse, or to try out the game for yourself, go to https://poisonmeganium.itch.io/baristapocalypse

Ghost Roast Games

The Ghost Roast Games Team Behind Baristapocalypse:

Art and Animation:

Gabriel Ramos – Lead Artist and Game Designer

Red Sheridan – Producer and 3D Artist

Megan MacKinnon – Lead 2D Artist and Lead UI

Turner Burton – Lead Animator

Alex Goerz – Lead 3D Modeler

Samori Bryan – 3D Modeler and VFX

Tabitha Chen – 2D Artist

Jessica Spattz – 2D Artist

April Martin – Narrative and Audio Designer

Max Pateman – Animation

Programming and Development:

Michael Stiers – Lead Developer

Jeffrey Tong – Co-Technical Director and Networking Lead

Juan Zuluaga Castano – Co-Technical Director

Deandre Depluzer – Gameplay Programmer

Rod John Cayaco – Artificial Intelligence Programmer

Andrew James – Audio and UI

Douglas Park – Shaders and Cameras

Bransen Starkey – Additional Programming

Brett Penney – Additional Programming

Daniel Obiacoro – Additional Programming


Cynthia Reason

Cynthia Reason (she/her) is a former newspaper journalist turned communications professional who currently works as Toronto Film School’s Manager of Communications. Prior to joining TFS, she spent 13 years working as a reporter for Torstar/Metroland Media Toronto, writing for publications including Toronto.com, the Etobicoke Guardian, and the Toronto Star, among others. Her byline has also appeared in the National Post. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Guelph and Post-Graduate Diploma in Journalism from Humber College.


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