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TFS Returns to Live Theatre with Adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The 39 Steps’

For the first time in more than two years, Toronto Film School’s acting students will return to the stage with a live, in-person production of The 39 Steps.


Directed by Jack Grinhaus, the play is based on Alfred Hitchcock’s 1935 thriller of the same name, which follows the story of Richard Hannay – a man who gets caught up in preventing an organization of spies called The 39 Steps from stealing military secrets.


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“It is unfathomable that over two years have passed since Toronto Film School’s Acting program last mounted our graduating play on a stage. When the world turned upside down, all of our work was confined to the small screen,” said Hart Massey, director of the Acting for Film, TV & the Theatre program.


“So, let’s celebrate the return! It’s a reunion of sorts, as we settle into our seats next to friends, hear the sounds of laughter and applause all around us, and appreciate the work of actors right before our very eyes. There’s absolutely nothing like it!”


The 39 Steps, which is stage-managed by Rayden Pelland-Carriere, will take to the stage at The Papermill Theatre for a three-performance run on June 15, 16 and 17 as follows:


Wednesday, June 15 at 8 p.m.

Thursday, June 16 at 8 p.m.

Friday, June 17 at 8 p.m.


The Papermill Theatre is located at Todmorden Mills, 67 Pottery Rd. Tickets are free and are available at the door.


The Creative Team Behind The 39 Steps:


Everton Campbell as the Narrator/Insp. Albright

Everton “Dwight” Campbell is a versatile and experienced actor who has acted in a wide rang of projects, from reality TV to independent films. Campbell has also taken part in quite a few commercials, including ads for Planet Fitness, Samsung, and, to name a few. He recently completed his studies in Toronto Film School’s Acting for Film, TV & the Theatre program, from which he graduated with honours. Although Campbell is a recent graduate, he has been acting for over a decade. He also has a degree in Communications, with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Political Science.




Jay Daye as Compere/Pilot 1

Better known as “Ocean La’Vodka Giovanni,” Jay Daye was born to perform. A film student by day, and a drag queen at night, Daye aspires to one day combine his drag and acting careers. Making his TV debut on Amazon Prime and Out TV in 2019, Daye has performed at book launches and film festivals was featured on HBO’s Sort Of, and has produced his own show in various venues. Often referred to as the “Lipsync Assasin” of Toronto, both Daye’s drag and his acting often evoke a “fight, flight AND freeze” feeling in his audiences. He’s always down for a good time.




Mathieu Dumas as Mr. Memory

Mathieu Dumas, from Montreal, Quebec, has been performing for as long as he can remember. Fluent in both French and English, he performed many iconic roles in various high school, plays, including ‘Mr. Smee’ from Peter Pan, and ‘Gaston’ from Beauty and the Beast. He also gained improv experience in both high school and college. He began the Acting for Film, TV & the Theatre program at Toronto Film School in April 2021, even before obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Cinema from the University of Montreal.




Jamshid Khayamdar as the Sheriff

Jamshid Khayamdar is a true lover of cinema whose passion for film was ignited when he first saw Kurosawa’s works. Currently studying acting at Toronto Film School, Khayamdar has performed some classically fantastic scenes from various cinematic and theatrical masterpieces, such as the Seven stories directed by John Beale, and as a gang leader in The Easy Street, a movie directed by actor and Toronto Film School instructor, John Tench. Now that Khayamdar’s time in the classroom is coming to a close, he is looking forward to getting a chance to use and create different personas.




Emily Larman as Margaret

Emily Larman is an actress currently in her fifth term in the Acting for TV, Film & the Theatre program at Toronto Film School.
She has performed many scenes from TV shows, films and theatre plays during her time at school. Some of her notable theatre roles are ‘Lady Macbeth’ and the ‘Third Witch’ in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and ‘Mrs. Wire’ in Tennessee Williams’ The Lady of Larkspur Lotion. She also performed scenes from films and TV shows, such as ‘Andie Anderson’ in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and ‘Nurse Tyler’ from the series premiere of Grey’s Anatomy.




Troy Martin-Morgan as Salesman 2/Policeman 1/Heavy 2

Troy Martin-Morgan is an apprentice member with the Actra Toronto union. He is currently training as a fifth-term Toronto Film School acting student. Born and raised in Toronto, his interest in acting began during high school, when he was selected to perform a play at York University. He also has extensive training in piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Martin-Morgan aspires to be a film and TV actor and also has an interest in theatre and musicals.




Fikayo Odunayo as Richard Hannay

Fikayo Odunayo is a Nigerian actor currently training as a Term 5 Toronto Film School student. He is also a singer and an experienced pianist in the gospel, contemporary and jazz-fusion genres, as well as a budding orchestral composer. He got his start as an actor in a primary school stage play of Puss in Boots, which led him to other small parts in school productions. He recently wrote, produced, and directed his first short film in 2021 called Day O.




Gregory Petruk as Salesman 1/Policeman 2/Heavy 1

Gregory Petruk is an actor from Edmonton, Alberta and a term 5 Toronto Film School student. In high school, Petruk portrayed Pfc. Louden Downey in A Few Good Men, which won a local award for best play. He performed in The Brothers Grimm’s Spectaculathon, a one-act play in which he portrayed all of the characters. In 2017, he was an ensemble member in The Citadels yearly performance of A Christmas Carol. Petruk enjoys playing guitar and driving stick while listening to music. He is interested in all areas of acting, from voiceover to stage and film.




Matthew Putnam as Milkman/Porter/Newspaper Boy

Matthew Wayne Putnam grew up in Bowmanville, Ontario, where he fell in love with acting in high school. He now lives in Toronto and studies in the Acting for Film, TV & the Theatre program at Toronto Film School. There, he had the opportunity to create and star in a short silent film titled Making Peace, which can be found on YouTube. He also starred in Ben Vandermark’s project Saved By The Bomb, which is set to release in 2022.



Raha Rouhollahi as Annabella Schmidt/Professor Jordan

 Raha Rouhollahi is a passionate artist – from voice and musical theatre, to TV comedy and drama, she portrays any story like it is her own. She also plays the violin and piano, sings, executes several dialects, does stunts, and dances and is a great writer. She has a bachelor’s degree in Art and Design from OCAD and is completing her acting diploma here at TFS. Rouhollahi has played lead roles in three theatrical productions: The Simorgh, The Hostel and The Recess. She’s also used her talents in concerts, recitals and shows at venues including the Tirgan Festival, Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts and the Meridian Arts Centre.



Richard Sayles as Pilot 2/Inspector/Mr. McGarrigle

Born in Jamaica, Richard Sayles is an aspiring actor who came to Canada when he was 11. He speaks both English and Patwa, and has worked in culinary arts for many years as a line cook, sous chef and kitchen manager. During his studies at Toronto Film School, Sayles wrote and produced his own silent film, A Long Day, in which he took on many roles, and was also cast as the main detective in a crime drama called Easy Streets. Sayles has various skill sets, including carpentry, cooking and farming. He enjoys outdoor sports and hiking.



Kaitlyn Silva as Pamela

Katie Silva is a young and up-and-coming actress with a drive to bring visions to life. She started acting in elementary school theatre productions of The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf as ‘The Big Bad Wolf’, and Grease Jr. as ‘Danny Zuko’. Currently enrolled at Toronto Film School, Silva tackled various different roles from ‘Roberta’ in Danny in the Deep Blue Sea to ‘Pheobe’ in Friends. Silva is also a talented visual artist, which has proven handy as she stepped into paint sets for her high school production of Peter Pan, designing and creating Tinker Bell’s house.




Nicole Walker as Pamela Mrs. Higgins/Mrs. Jordan/Mrs. McGarrigle

Nicole (Nikki) Walker is an English-speaking Canadian actress. She has participated in various types of dance at Let’s Dance Studio for many years. She’s also taken karate classes for self-defence. Growing up, Walker was always drawn to the arts, as she spent most of her life playing various instruments including the guitar, piano, and flute. During her time at Toronto Film School, she has acted as a co-star in the short film and has also reenacted different scenes from popular movies including La-La Land, monologues from Grey’s Anatomy, and Autumn in New York. Walker draws influence and inspiration from actors such as Robin Williams, Johnny Depp, and Angelina Jolie.



Jaxon Weegar as Crofter

Jaxon Weegar is a versatile actor who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable. Ever since he was a young boy in theatre camp at the Morrisburg Playhouse, he always aspired to become an entertainer. He has since participated in plays, and musicals and was hired as an actor for an escape room located in a prison. Before coming to Toronto Film School to focus on his real ambition for acting, he studied accounting York University. He will accept any challenge that comes his way. Weegar someday hopes to book a sitcom role. His main goal is to satisfy, entertain and bring smiles, or tears to the faces of the people.




Jack Grinhaus – Director

Jack Grinhaus is an award-winning and nominated theatre artist. Primarily a director, he has also worked in various streams of theatre as a producer, designer, playwright, and actor with numerous theatre, TV, and film credits. Grinhaus was the Artistic Director for the Canadian regional theatre Theatre NorthWest (2014-2019), is Co-Artistic Director of B2C Theatre, was part of the 2010 Canadian Stage BASH Directors Residency as well as the inaugural Director’s Lab North at Tarragon Theatre. He holds an MFA and BA Honours in Theatre from York University’s Theatre program, an Associate Degree in Acting from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, and has studied intensely with internationally renowned artists Uta Hagen, Anne Bogart the SITI Company, and Graham McLaren.




Rayden Pelland-Carriere – Stage Manager 

Rayden is a Canadian actor from Sudbury Ontario. He developed a passion for acting at an early age, having done over 20 live productions by the age of 18. After earning his Red Seal in drama, dance and vocals, Pelland-Carriere has shifted his focus towards film, having recently graduated from TFS’ acting program. Now he is constantly looking for work in the industry utilizing his talents in many areas, including voice, comedy and improv. Pelland-Carriere is honoured to be a part of this production and would like to thank everyone who has made this possible.





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