Mikayla Kuehn, Marketing for Fashion & Entertainment Student + Fashion Blogger


Mikayla Kuehn has found success on Instagram as a Toronto fashionista by posting about her own personal style, products she loves and her overall message and branding. In the video below she shares her story as well, some of her top tips for becoming a master at Instagram!


You can follow her here: MikaylaKuehn



“I always knew that I wanted to study fashion. I took a fashion class in high school and I absolutely fell in love with it.”
















“I love how Toronto Film School takes pride in offering creative programs for people like me. I love how I can apply everything I learn in class to my own extracurricular things like my blog and my jewellery business.”


Check out Mikayla’s blog here: https://www.makstyle.ca/







“I have been blogging for a few years now. I did MAKstyle, it is a representation of my whole personal style and what I like and everything about fashion.”





“For my internship, I am at PreLoved right now and I am doing Social Media and Marketing for them. I do a lot of their blogging and help with their YouTube channel. Everything I have been learning in class like fashion terminology has come in handy. I have also learned a lot in my digital design program and have applied that to my internship.”







“Your limit is your own self, and if you are serious about being in the fashion industry. It is not glamorous, it’s really hard work and you have to be willing to put in that effort and be consistent and persistent.”



Toronto Film School

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