Marshall Graham, Video Game Design & Animation Student and Game Changer

Marshall Graham, originally from our friends in the United States is currently studying Video Game Design & Animation. He wants to change the face of video games for those with a handicap. Check out his inspiring interview and how he plans to change the game!


“The Toronto Film School seemed to give me a bit of perspective on the international video game scene that I had never seen before. Before this, I had only been exposed to the American video game scene. If I want to have an international impact, I need an international perspective and Toronto is one of the best international cities in the world.




“When it comes to video games, there’s a massive evolution that needs to take place. We haven’t had a Citizen Kane of video games yet, well, I seek to change that!”




“I want to change what people perceive what a gamer can be. I want to expose the idea of the handicap gamer, because, I myself am one. Having a simple control system. Video games can be a medium for good, and it can do something great for someone’s live.






“If I had to give one piece of advice – I would have to say learn and expand your knowledge on everything. Literally, do not stop learning every day. Learn something new every day. Anything at all, it doesn’t matter what, just keep learning something. Don’t be afraid.”




“As long as you are learning something every day, and have that drive to learn and understand things — it’s essential in order to become a better creator.”



Toronto Film School

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