CEOWORLD Magazine Ranks Toronto Film School Eighth Best in the World

CEOWORLD magazine recently listed Toronto Film School amongst the Top 10 best film schools in the world for 2019.


Buzz surrounding TFS’s July 23 ranking as the eighth-best film school on the planet by the “world’s leading business magazine” reached a fever pitch down at TFS’s Dundas Campus this week.



“It makes a lot of sense,” Acting for Film, TV & the Theatre student Angelo Basso said of TFS’s inclusion on a prestigious list that also included the USC School of Cinematic Arts, the American Film Institute, and the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.


“You’re taught by people in the industry, there are always people coming in from every part of the film industry willing to talk and give you opinions and teach you how to do the job…and there’s just always opportunities around you.”


Boasting an “inspiring and high-energy environment,” Toronto Film School offers a full slate of accelerated 18-month diploma programs that range from Acting, to Film Production, to Writing for Film & TV, as well as Fashion Design, Marketing, and Video Game Design.


It’s that diverse scope of film-related programming available at TFS that Ana De Castro thinks helps set the school apart from other film schools that ranked lower on the list.


“I think it’s the fact that we have this complete program. We have everything in the same building – we have Film Production, we have Acting, Video Games, and Fashion, and we’re able to enjoy everything from all of those fields in the industry,” said De Castro, an Acting student. “I think that’s what makes the difference.”


Joseph Beelich, who is currently enrolled in TFS’s 18-month Film Production Diploma, credits TFS’s hands-on approach for elevating his skill level behind the camera from complete novice to completely competent in a very short period of time.


“I think TFS is a great school due to its practicality and hands-on (approach),” he said.


“I started here not knowing anything about film production, and in the course of about six to nine months, I now consider myself incredibly competent on set and handling cameras and writing and all that. So, I consider it a very fast-paced and effective program.”


That fact that it offers an accelerated, 18-month Film Production Diploma is also what tipped the scales for Lexi Smith when she opted to attend TFS over other schools on the list.


“My favourite thing about the Film Production program is that it’s over in a year and a half rather instead of four years. It’s really fast-paced and hands-on,” she said.


“What makes Toronto Film School a great school is that it’s a very positive environment – everybody’s really, really supportive of each other and the instructors are really patient with you and thorough with everything that they’re teaching you.”


Toronto Film School is also ranked as one of the top film schools from around the world by QS Top Universities. For the full list of CEOWORLD’s Top 10 Best Film Schools in the World, go to http://bit.ly/2Zbt5Mn .