Toronto Film School Presents October Showreel: A Spooky Halloween Treat

From sledgehammer wielding villains

and white-pupiled zombies chillin’,

to musical madhouse nurses,

and abandoned space station curses.


Toronto Film School’s October Reel

Elicits all the spooky Halloween feels.

So, sit back and relax, but be prepared,

To be treated to some legendary cinematic scares.



Toronto Film School’s 2020 October Reel showcases some of the most outstanding recent student work to have come out of our Film Production program.


The student productions featured in October Reel, which was edited by Ayush Anand, include:

About Mermaids and Sailors, directed by Will Falks

My Name is Stutter, directed by Tamim Aoude

Orbit, directed by Jacob Ide

Ripples, directed by Christina Borgs

My Special Date, directed by Ayush Anand

Coda, directed by Hazem Gorab

 – Impasse, directed by Zach Price

 – Linger A While, directed by Felipe D. Guzman

– Roots, directed by Mathew Meszoly

 – The Canary Complex, directed by Algot Skog

– Mercy, directed by Ryan Meddaoui 

– Red Underwear, directed by Jamyang Kunga Tenzin

– Lyrics, directed by Prem Swaroop Ratnala

– A Minute Between, directed by Ajaiy Ashok