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Toronto Film School Celebrates 2020 Festival of Films Virtually


The 2020 Toronto Film School Festival of Films went virtual this year.


The annual showcase took place during an all-day, online screening on Thursday, Dec. 3 – and featured the best short films, documentaries, commercials and music videos created by Toronto Film School students and graduates.


Yale Massey, Director of the Film Production Program, applauded each and every one of those students who played a part in bringing this year’s amazing lineup of 64 projects to the screen – from the directors and actors, to the crew members and post-production.



“Congratulations to all the filmmakers involved in the festival, all the crew, every single one of you – it doesn’t matter what you did, if you participated on any of these films, sit back, relax and enjoy this screening,” he told viewers at the beginning of the eight-hour event.


In total, this year’s Toronto Film School Festival of Films saw the screening of 10 commercials and public service announcements, 14 music videos, 13 documentaries, and 27 short films.


Toronto Film School’s Emmy-winning Executive Producer in Residence, Andrew Barnsley was on hand to announce the nominees in 16 different award categories.



“What a day of screening it’s been watching all the talent that has come out of the Toronto Film School classrooms and sets. It makes me very proud to watch these and see the level that you’re all working at,” he said before announcing the 2020 nominees.


“It truly is an honour to be nominated and this year’s class of nominees is really quite impressive.”


The nominees for the 2020 Toronto Film School Festival of Films nominations are:


Best Picture:

 The Adjustment

Red Underwear

My Special Date

Insomniac Idiot


The Burning Cold



Best Director:

 Red Underwear | Jamyang Kunga Tenzin

The Adjustment | Talia Faubert

My Special Date | Ayush Anand

Vitamin | Natalia Aranguren & Yeimy Daza

The Burning Cold | Naser Vafi


Best Producer:

 CODA | Isabela Popolizio

Last Man | Igor Trushin

My Special Date | Jamyang Kunga Tenzin

Red Underwear | Alam Loyo & Jamyang Kunga Tenzin

The Adjustment | Talia Faubert



Best Female Performance:

Natalia Aranguren |Vitamin

Alex Nicolescu | Begin Again

Sani Jalalzadeh | The Burning Cold

Mary Kwarteng | Third Scar

Heather Headley | The Adjustment


Best Male Performance:

 Joseph Dancey | Begin Again

Michael Abram | Nice Guy

Jamyang Kunga Tenzin | Red Underwear

Kiran Yashwanth | The Envelope

Niko Combitsis | The Adjustment



Best Screenplay:

 Insomniac Idiot | David Garcia Delgadillo

Vitamin | Natalia Aranguren, Mario Alberto Aranguren & Yeimy Daza

The Adjustment | Talia Faubert

Begin Again | Alex Nicolescu

Red Underwear | Jamyang Kunga Tenzin

The Burning Cold | Naser Vafi


 Best Cinematography:

 All for You

The Adjustment

Red Underwear

My Special Date

Heavy Footed



 Best Documentary:

 A Few From the Top | Ian Christison

Gezi Park Protests | Ece Gokcek

Mothering in Quarantine | Kyisha Williams

Forget Me Not | Camille Allaire

Impetuous | Fen John Kanichukkattu

Till the End | Jakob Pansieri

Stories from Sparrow Lake | Valerie Stanton

Jamie Got Ghosted | Jamie Norrie


 Best Sound:

 Heavy Footed


Sonambulo (Sleepwalker)

The Envelope




 Best Visual Effects:

 All For You

Life & Death

Waiting Room

Red Underwear

Sonambulo (Sleepwalker)


 Best Film Editing:

 The Adjustment

Sonambulo (Sleepwalker)

The Envelope

My Special Date

Red Underwear



 Best Production Design:

 Red Underwear

Heavy Footed





Best Commercial:

Casper | Mario Aguilera

 End of the Rope | Pulkit Mehndiratta

Remember Living | Noel Pendawa

Cheerios | Pulkit Mehndiratta

Heineken | Yi Zhang (Leo)



Best Music Video:

All For You | Simeon Ross

Black Grrl Magik | Kyisha Williams and Fonna Seidu

Heading Home | Jeremy Vandenhelm

Bye | Kendal Straughn

Waiting Room | Noel Pendawa

5 In The Morning | Jamie Norrie

Stop Trying to be God | Ahmed El Gabbour (Basko) & Stephanie Chaisson


 Motion Design Award:

Abigail Thorson

Dhara Leuva

Rachel Boudreau Richard

Alifyah Doraib Kisat

Angela Chulkova

Rebecca Jaek


 Best Graduating Video Game:

 Litany of the Cursed | Summer 2019

A Lynx’s Tale | Fall 2019

Ironlight | Winter 2020

Kaiju Bash | Winter 2020

Catavaneer | Spring 2020

Junkin’ Drivers | Spring 2020


The winners will be announced in February 2021.