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Toronto Film School Alumnus Interviewed on CTV News Atlantic Segment

Toronto Film School alumnus Tim Myles continues to make headlines.


On July 16, the Class of 2016 Acting grad, who was recently named the recipient of the 2020 Netflix imagineNATIVE + LIFT Mentorship Grant, was profiled on CTV News Atlantic for a segment of Keeping Up with Katie Kelly.



During the nearly four-minute Zoom interview, Myles discussed several of his most recent projects – including Little Bird, the debut short film he’s directing under imagineNATIVE, and End of the Road, the recently released music video he helmed for Indigenous rock band, Crown Lands.


Little Bird, Myles told Kelly, is a semi-autobiographical story that’s “loosely based” on his own coming to grips with losing his mother back in 2013.



“It’s about a young Indigenous man who’s at his mother’s wake and is in the middle of giving a eulogy, when it all just gets a little much for him,” explained Myles, a Mi’kmaq filmmaker from St. Bernard’s-Jacques Fontaine, Newfoundland.


“So he ends up taking the ashes, running away and spending one final day with his mom and kind of just going on a journey of mourning and coming to terms with having to go the rest of his life without that figure.”


The film, which will feature an Indigenous cast, is expected to be complete in time to premiere at the 2020 imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival, which runs from Oct. 20-25.


The video for End of the Road, which similarly featured an all-Indigenous cast of dancers, is a tribute to the missing and murdered Indigenous women on the Highway of Tears in B.C.



Myles described the experience of filming the video back in February as a very cold, yet “very moving” one for all involved in the project.


“I think Canada has gotten better at giving Indigenous youth and Indigenous people, in general, a voice,” he said.


“There’s so much talent out there and so many people that have a story to tell, I think that it’s important that we hear stories from everybody.”


To watch Myles’ entire interview with CTV New Atlantic’s Katie Kelly, go here.