TFS Fashion Design Graduate Showing at Fashion Week

The beautiful collection of luxury evening wear Daniel Thompson made while studying Fashion Design at Toronto Film School, continues to make its mark in Canadian Fashion scene, this time showing at the 2016 Mississauga Fashion Week.





“The fact that I can get recognition from the work I did in school is amazing,” said Daniel. “I am trying not to put too much pressure on myself, but I am really excited about this show.”




The collection is called Death in Wonderland, which Daniel explained was inspired by a dying bird. It features luxury evening wear , that can be worn on any red carpet and includes gowns, jumpsuits, and cocktail dresses. His brand DISEIYE is all about soft, feminine silhouettes that feature intricate detailing and attention-grabbing fabrics and textures. The collection was also shown at the Fly Beyond Cancer Fashion Show this past May.




Mississauga Fashion Week runs from July 28 to August 6. Daniel’s show is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 6 during the Fashion Show Gala. This red-carpet gala will wrap up the first ever #MFWK. It takes place in Venue: C Banquet, Civic Center, 300 City Center , Mississauga. Tickets to the event are $60 and can be purchased online.


Daniel, 21-years-old, grew up in Nigeria and moved to Toronto at the age of 15. During his time at Toronto Film School, Daniel did internships at Greta Constantine and Susan Dicks & Co, where he honed his tailoring skills while learning how to design periodic costumes for TV and movies. He also participated in competitions like Creativ and The Heart of Fashion Scrubs Design Challenge.




Since graduating from the Fashion Design Diploma at Toronto Film School, Daniel continues to work on his own designs, custom work for clients and is in the midst of creating his collection for next season.


“I am trying to get into bridal, so the next collection will be a bridal collection,” he explained.


He also has a job working in equestrian couture. Check out Daniel’s work online at:


To find out more about the Toronto Film School’s Fashion Design Diploma click here. 


Toronto Film School

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