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Limited Return To Campus Begins July 13 | Details Here



Beginning July 13, students enrolled in specific identified technical courses will be welcomed back to campus to resume limited in-class studies, under the condition that all guidelines for social distancing are maintained and that all TFS staff and students mitigate, to the best of their ability, the spread of COVID-19.


Film Production & Acting:


Students enrolled in Terms 1-3 for Film Production and Acting will continue to study online, while those in Terms 4-6 will study on an on-campus/online hybrid basis. Theoretical courses will continue to be taught online, however, TFS will reopen its studios at the College Dundas Campus to offer limited technical courses.


Fashion Design:


Toronto Film School will reopen its Davisville Campus for all Fashion Design courses that cannot be taught online, while all other courses will be delivered synchronously through Zoom.


***Please note: Only the second floor of Davisville Campus will reopen; the third floor will remain closed



Campus Protocols During the Initial Phase of Reopening at all Locations:


  • Campus capacity at all reopened campuses will be reduced to 30 per cent, or less, at all times. Studio classrooms will be limited to a maximum of 10 people including faculty.


  • All reopened sites will be subject to an enhanced cleaning and sanitation program.


  • Masks will be mandatory for everyone on campus (exceptions to be authorised by Campus Operations). Security patrols will be in place to ensure people are following campus protocols.


  • Enhanced screening protocols at entrances will be staffed by security and operations staff, and all eligible students / staff will need to confirm that they’ve signed a health declaration assessment.


  • Stations equipped with hand sanitizer will be strategically placed by the entrance, common areas and classrooms.


  • Classes that require the use of specialty equipment or commonly shared elements, will have additional PPE stations with gloves and sanitation wipes.


  • Separate disposal bins will be provided for used PPE and emptied before and after each class.



  • Access to campus will NOT be granted to anyone not specifically told they are able/required to be present on campus.


  • Eligible students will be allowed to access campus no more than 30 minutes prior to the start time of the in-class course they are registered to attend on any given day. Students must leave immediately after the end of their class.


  • Faculty are allowed to access campus no more than 30 minutes prior to the start time of the first course they are teaching on any given day, and must leave campus no later than 15 minutes after the last course session they teach that day.


  • All other staff – including reception, equipment room staff, academic leadership, and IT – will require approval from Campus Operations to access the premises.


  • Student lounges, meeting rooms and offices will be closed until further notice.


  • Washrooms will be limited to two people at a time.


  • At Davisville Campus, entry to the second floor will be accessed via the elevators (two people at a time), while students will be asked to exit via the stairwell. Students will also be asked to clear out lockers, which will not be accessible throughout this term.


For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions About Toronto Film School’s Reopening Plan here.