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TFS’s Summer Reading List | What Your Faculty Think You Should Be Reading

As we enter the dog days of summer, instruction hasn’t slowed down at Toronto Film School. But if you do find yourself with some downtime and are looking for something to read, here is what some of our amazing faculty suggest you get your nose into.


Interior Decorating | Coordinator Sabrina Di Maio



Suggested Read: Innovative retail: The flagship Sonos store wants you to feel at home while shopping

Why: Retail Design is shifting toward stores that are more approachable to consumers. This article contains a great example.





Writing For Film and Television | Coordinator, Adam Till: 

Suggested Read: Henry Winkler Remembers Garry Marshall: “He Was Like My Surrogate Dad”

Why: Check out this interview with Henry Winkler about the late great Garry Marshall.  Another huge talent who, as Winkler stresses, treated everyone with respect, no matter how high his star rose.


Film Production | Coordinator Christopher Lane

Movie Projector


Suggested Read: Short Films Are Too Hard To Access, But Too Important Not To Watch

Why: Short films are a medium and really a genre of their own, with their own set of rules and language … As with any creative process, you can never truly master it but only hope to serve it… Share with the world



Video Game | Instructor Brad Furminger

Suggested Read: A Theory of Fun for Game Design, by Raph Koster

Why: It takes a certain set of skills just to make a game. But what games can deliver so well when done right is that core feeling of fun and enjoyment that can get lost in a student’s focus on developing technical skills.


Acting for Film, Television & the Theatre | Coordinator Hart Massey

Suggested Read: Kristen Stewart and the Movie Actor’s Dilemma

Why: This is a very relevant article on the current renaissance of the “low-to-no-budget” film and the modern actor’s role within it.

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Guest Article | Dr. Tommy Mayberry on Being Queer in Academia

During a recent interview process, a candidate asked me, “If you could go back and revisit your younger self from your current job and work, what advice would you give yourself?” This question conjured up immediately for me that “What Advice Do You Have For Your Younger Self?” moment on RuPaul’s Drag Race, when RuPaul holds up …Read more