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Hangloose Media takes on TFS students as volunteers at exciting industry events

The Toronto Film School’s coordinator of the Film Program, Christopher Lane, recently teamed up with HangLoose Media to arrange for an exciting opportunity for students in Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Merchindising and Video Game Design Diploma programs.

HangLoose Media, a full service production, post-production and design studio in downtown Toronto, recently hosted an exciting event during Fashion Week.

On Oct. 9, Fashion Marketing and Merchanidising students Ebony Stephenson, Francine Pooten, Sahar Rahmani, Kwame Essien and Liand Gimeno and Fashion Design student Daniel Thompson, were able to volunteer/intern at the event called Startup Fashion Week.

This event brought aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs in Fashion Design, Fashion-Tech and Wearable-Tech a quick glimpse of the skills they need to build a successful business.

Toronto Film School students worked extremely hard, according to Mark Andrew Sirju, a Project Coordinator with HangLoose Media. Sirju is himself an alumnus of Toronto Film School’s Film Production program.

The students were exposed to valuable resources, industry connections and a spectacular backstage view of the runway show.

Then, on Oct. 18, HangLoose Media hosted the Canadian launch of Nintendo’s Super Smash Club for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii platforms.

At this exciting event, representatives from the Toronto Film School’s Video Game Design programs, were able to help facilitate, meet industry big wigs and of course play video games. Volunteers were Shaun Terceira, Bradley Widner, Teriann Khagie.

“Thanks to all programs for lending us their students and to those students for being an excellent representation of Toronto Film School,” Lane said. “I heard nothing but praise from HangLoose about the hard work our students put in.

Mishka Balilty, the event coordinator for HangLoose Media, said our students really took an opportunity and made the most of the experience.

Lane said Toronto Film School students should continue to keep their eyes and ears peeled for more amazing events and volunteer opportunities with Toronto Film School’s partners.


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