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A Good Read | What TFS Faculty Say You Should Be Reading

We asked some of the amazing faculty at Toronto Film School what they have read lately that they think students should take a moment to read. Here is their recommending reading list:


Graphic Design and Interactive Media | Coordinator, Pheinixx 

TFS Graphics

Recommends: How to Take Advantage of Your Brain’s Hidden Productivity Powers : By Stephanie Vozza for Fast Company

Why: “The creative process becomes easier if we can get all of the superficial items filling up our brain out – allowing us to delve deeper into our imagination. This article is a great read with some practical help in doing just that.”


Interior Decorating | Coordinator Sabrina Di Maio

TFS Interior DesignRecommends: What You Can Accomplish With a Single Shipping Container : By Luke Hopping for dwell

Why: “Designers love a challenge, and repurposing a shipping container is a perennial favourite. It stretches our creativity by having us expand our definition of home; it is sustainable because it is reusing an existing structure; and it tests our beliefs of much space one really needs to live a full life.”


Writing For Film and Television | Coordinator, Adam Till: 

TFS WritingRecommends: Judd Apatow: The Rolling Stone Interview: By Jonah Weiner for Rolling Stone Magazine

Why: “Check out this honest interview with Judd Apatow if you haven’t already – really enjoyed the section about taking studio notes.”



Film Production | Christopher Lane

TFS Film ProductionRecommends: Getting a Career Writing About Film / TV: By David Chen for Film blogging the reel world

Why: “Here’s an interesting article about how one of the very legitimate ways to earn a living and get your name out there is to write/ blog about film and television, whether that be historical, critique, or analysis…it all stems from a solid foundation in Film Studies.”


Fashion Design and Marketing for Fashion and Entertainment | Coordinator Donna Gilpin

TFS FashionRecommends: 10 Mantras to Repeat While Trying to Make it Big in Fashion: By Sara McCorquadale for WGSN Insider

Why: “I find students as well as graduates often feel a sense of “I am not good enough” and we have got to stop thinking this way. These mantras are absolutely wonderful.”



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