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3 Things You Can do Right Now to Help Yourself Succeed Next Term: by Zac Schraeder, TFS Student Advisor

I often say that time management is a lot like art.

Like art, it can’t be perfected, but it can be continually developed, re-worked, and re-imagined to make it more impactful.

While this is a great way among many to think of time management, my analogy falls a bit short when I start thinking about how much work it is. The truth is that many of us don’t enjoy coming up with (and sticking to!) a time management strategy because it takes a lot of effort and willpower. When is the last time you heard someone say they were passionate about their own personal time management strategy? Probably never!

Even so, time management is among the most important tools in achieving academic and professional success. Students and professionals who effectively and consciously manage their time are far more likely to be successful at school and in their careers. This fact highlights the importance of taking the time to plan out your days and months – even between terms!

Here are three things you can do right now to set yourself up with a stellar time management strategy for the Fall term at Toronto Film School, regardless of your program of study:


Commit to using a schedule

Whether you’re the digital type or like to have everything on paper, commit to putting everything on a calendar, planner, or schedule. You can use free templates online, purchase a planner or calendar, or use the calendar app on your mobile device. Any time you plan a social outing, have a work schedule to write down, or receive your class schedule, make a habit of recording it in the schedule you’ve committed to using. Don’t be afraid to block off time to study or complete important work!


Record all important dates for the term

You can check here on “MyTFS” for the Academic Schedule. Find out when your project weeks are when your campus is closed for statutory holidays, and when the term ends. Start thinking about how you will use your project weeks and statutory holidays to your advantage and block it off on your schedule now! You’ll be less tempted to use this time as free time if you anticipate needing it for important work.


Speak to Student Services if you need assistance with time management!

A member of the TFS Student Services team can assist you with developing your time management strategy for the Fall term. You can arrange to meet at the beginning of the term to go over your assignment due dates, tests, and presentations, and work out when you will spend time doing homework and studying – and then check in frequently throughout the term. Check out the TFS Staff Directory on “MyTFS” to see who to contact at your campus.



Questions? Time Management advice? Zac Schraeder is the Toronto Film School Student Advisor and he is here to help. Zac is based at the Davisville and Dundas Campuses and is available at [email protected] or 416-929-0121 extension 1226.

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