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Faculty Profiles

Ryan Taffe Instructor, Graphic Design and Interactive Media

Ryan Taffe is an artist and designer from Toronto, Canada, focused on designing timeless, functional, and creative works. Educated in Graphic Design, Art History and Computer Science, he has paired a strong technical knowledge with a classic approach to design. Throughout his life, Ryan has always worked hard at balancing athletics and creativity. In his youth, he spent a lot of time on the soccer pitch playing for the Provincial & National youth programs, travelling and playing in Portugal. In addition to the teamwork and determination Ryan learned through these experiences, he was constantly analyzing and investigating to ensure that he was performing at his best. Ryan was taught at an early age that self-reflection and constructive criticism are imperative for one to improve. He was fascinated from a young age with art and design, and with the progressive advancements in technology changing how design integrated with everyday life. In his spare time, he was developing skills on the computer and playing music constantly to better his skill set with constant practice and experimentation. As a teenager, Ryan became heavily connected to urban and skate culture. In his high school years, he honed his skills as an artist and web designer. He designed and programmed his secondary school’s website, as well as creating some of the school’s warning music; all this was done while juggling his training for soccer and being on student council. This ability to connect with trends and culture pushed Ryan to examine and understand why designs are successful and how they connect with different people.