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Winning Little Black Dresses by Toronto Film School Student showcased by Addition Elle

Clutching the neoprene fabric in her hand, Sandra Al-Dabbagh said the fact that she will soon see her own dress designs in Addition-Elle stores across Canada has finally hit her.

Al-Dabbagh, a Fashion Design Diploma student at the Toronto Film School, won the Addition-Elle Little Black Dress Contest last spring. On July 30 she finally got to see her dresses in person at the Home For the Holidays Preview hosted by Brill Communications at the Soho Metropolitan Hotel in downtown Toronto.

“This is crazy,” Al-Dabbagh said. “I can’t believe that I am seeing these dresses come to life. It is insane, it’s finally hitting me.”

Addition-Elle’s Vice President of Marketing, Roslyn Griner, explained Canada’s leading plus-size fashion retailer was at the Holiday Preview event to showcase their collection of clothing for the October/ November season.

“Included in that is also the launch of the Little Black Dress winner, Sandra Al-Dabbagh,” Griner said. “So we are showcasing her dresses which will in store in October, sold in 103 Addition-Elle (stores).”

Al-Dabbagh’s designs were chosen out of about 70 entrants from top fashion schools from across the country.

“We are all so proud of her,” said Paula Schneer, the Director of Education at Toronto Film School. “She came in (to the program) not knowing how to sew and it is outstanding what she has accomplished so far.”

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To request more information about the Toronto Film School’s Fashion Design Diploma click here.


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