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Video Game Students Unveil ‘VoidSpoken’ During Virtual Showcase

“Don’t be afraid to try new things.”


That’s the ethos with which this term’s graduating class of Video Game Design & Animation and Video Game Design & Development students approached the creation of their capstone game, VoidSpoken.


VoidSpoken poster featuring the game's main character


The “action-packed” single-player game takes place on here Earth in a dystopian future in which the planet has been overrun by an enigmatic entity known as the Void. Players take on the role of an elite Warp Knight known as VoidSpoken, who is tasked with fighting back against the Void.


“You’ll embark on a dangerous mission to investigate a distress signal coming from a human bastion that has been taken over by the Void,” reads the game’s description. “Separated from your fellow Warp Knights, you’ll need to navigate your way through the dark and treacherous landscape, fighting off hordes of Void creatures and completing objectives to restore order to Fort Lendrith.



Rob Elsworthy, director of the Video Game Design & Animation program at Toronto Film School, lauded VoidSpoken’s student creators for going “above and beyond” in their creation of the “adrenaline-fueled adventure” game with an immersive storyline, challenging gameplay, and stunning visuals.


“Learning should never stop, because, in this industry, you’re gonna have to go above and beyond with whatever skill you’re looking to master,” he said during a virtual showcase event unveiling VoidSpoken.


Screen capture image of the gameplay in VoidSpoken.


From taking the initiative to book themselves time at a motion capture studio, to experimenting with new programming languages, to playing with unfamiliar software – the Party Raccoon Studios team behind VoidSpoken did just that, testing their limits every step of the way.


“In the beginning, some people on our team were afraid to take on new challenges, but we learned that you can’t be afraid to be open minded with these things,” said Eric Currier, who acted as VoidSpoken’s Art Director.


Screen capture image of the gameplay in VoidSpoken.


“It’s all just one more thing you’re going to learn, and it’s only something that will benefit you at the end of the day. You have to take the initiative to learn on your own, because that’s the only way to succeed in this industry.”


To see the end result of all those efforts, go to https://voidspoken.itch.io/voidspoken to download VoidSpoken. You can also learn more via Instagram and Twitter.


The Party Raccoon Studios Team Behind VoidSpoken is:


Screen capture image of some of VoidSpoken's student creators, taken during their virtual showcase.

Eric Currier – Art Director / Generalist

Jan Frank Skucinski (Yun) – Design Lead/Lead Programmer

Michael Praticante – Level & Environment Designer / Lighting Artist / Vice Art Director

Evan Pascal – Technical Director

William O’Brien – Technical Producer/Programmer

Melissa Anne Persaud – Animator / Weapon & Trim Sheet Modeller

Nivin Kumarapperuma – 3D Modeller / Creature Designer / Prop Modeller

Kesia Cowie-Bernard – Art Producer / Modeller / VFX / Shader / Cinematics Artist

Justin Ho Shue – 3D Modelist

Joe Dove – Environment Modeller / Texture Artist

Toronto Film School

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