Toronto Film School Launches New ‘Arts Anatomy’ Podcast

Toronto Film School recently launched a brand new podcast aimed at helping students dissect the inner workings of their chosen creative careers.


Arts Anatomy, which premiered its first episode on June 13, sees host Darcy Love interview industry professionals from a range of different backgrounds – from filmmakers and VFX artists, to video game developers and graphic designers – to explore how each got their start in their respective industries.



“Personally, I’d like listeners to take away the fact that a career in the creative industries isn’t this big leap of faith. There are so many ways and so many paths to start living your dream,” said Love, an award-winning director who got his own start in radio, before deciding to pursue his passion for filmmaking at Toronto Film School.



“I think a lot of people see the creative industry as this unobtainable thing where you’re either a Leonardo DiCaprio or you’re nothing, but there are a lot of people working in the industry as their full-time job. I’d just like them to take away that it is possible and introduce them to some people who have done it.”


To those ends, the premiere episode of Arts Anatomy features special guest Steven Hoffner – an award-winning producer, director, and editor who started his career as a video editor for the NHL and has since gone on to produce content for HBO and the CBC.


During his 15-minute discussion with Love, Hoffner – who also serves as the program coordinator for Toronto Film School’s Online Video Production Diploma – discusses his nearly two decades of experience working in the entertainment industry, from his film school roots, to the 2016 launch of his own production company, 383 Pictures.


“I think Steven Hoffner in our first episode is a good example of how you don’t need to start off as a producer or a director to be a producer or director,” Love said.


“He started as a sports editor for the NHL and then moved into producing fiction work. So, you know, you don’t have to jump straight into the genre or the style or even the role that you want – you can kind of jump in and work your way up.”


Future episodes of Arts Anatomy will include a mix of livestreams and pre-recorded interviews with industry professionals from the Toronto Film School faculty and alumni community and beyond – including conversations with Roxanne Resh, program coordinator for the Online Visual Effects Diploma program and Pheinixx, program director for the Graphic Design & Interactive Media Diploma program.


To tune in to Arts Anatomy, go to https://anchor.fm/toronto-film-school