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Toronto Film School EP Andrew Barnsley Comments on Netflix and Other Studios Opening

A real success story.


That’s how Toronto Film School’s Executive Producer in Residence characterizes the recent news that both Netflix and CBS Television are in the midst of establishing large-scale film and television production hubs here in the GTA.


“It is really exciting,” said Andrew Barnsley, who also serves as an executive producer for Canadian cult hit, Schitt’s Creek, which airs on both Netflix and CBC.


“I think there’s a lot of pride in Torontonians when we see shows and recognize they are filmed here in Toronto.”


Another big source of pride, Barnsley said, comes from the knowledge that Toronto’s highly trained, homegrown talent is ready, willing, and more than able to take on many of the roles available in those productions filmed locally – both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.


“What sets Toronto apart is its strong education system, which creates that foundation and a gold standard of new crew members,” he said.



Institutions like Toronto Film School – which offers a wide range of diploma programs in everything from Film Production, to Fashion Design, to Acting and Writing for Film and TV – contribute to “creating a magnet for production” here in the city, Barnsley added.


“Not only are the skilled crews here, but there are new, young, hungry, and highly trained students ready to begin their professional careers in an industry that needs them,” he said.


“You can’t just look at infrastructure and crew as bricks and mortar and people working in the industry. What is happening behind that is amazing film schools, colleges and universities that are dedicated to putting out students and graduates who excel in their chosen fields.”


To find out more about the Toronto Film School and its programs visit www.torontofilmschool.ca

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