Toronto Film School Announces Collaboration with Beijing Film Academy

Following a successful tour to China, representatives from Toronto Film School returned with news of a new collaboration with the number one film school in China, the Beijing Film Academy. With an eye to enriching the learning experience of students at both the Toronto Film School and the Beijing Film Academy, the schools have resolved to collaborate on student and faculty exchanges, visits and workshops and have also committed to discussing future program opportunities.


From the Beijing Film Academy’s Faculty of Performing Arts, WEI, Wei (Vivian) with VP Marketing and Enrollment, Walter Lee and Richard Zhu, Toronto Film School’s Director of International Cooperation.


Toronto Film School is excited to sign this memorandum of understanding with the Beijing Film Academy,” said Senior Vice-President, Marketing and Enrolment, at Toronto School. “The quality of instruction and the talent of Beijing Film Academy’s students and graduates rivals any film school in the world.”


VP International at Beijing Film Academy, YU Jianhong with Toronto Film School’s VP Marketing and Enrollment, Walter Lee.


Both the Beijing Film Academy and Toronto Film School recognize that creative collaboration and cultural exchange is an exciting reality in today’s film industry, Lee explained.

“What better way to prepare students for this new reality than by having one of Canada’s best film schools and China’s top film school work together to create opportunities for faculty and student exchange and collaboration,” Lee said. “We are looking forward to developing many opportunities for enrichment and creative exchange that will benefit both of our schools.”


Toronto Film School

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