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The latest news from the Acting Diploma Program: Guest Blog By Hart Massey and Michael Ayoub

It must be October because the Toronto Film School’s Dundas Campus is bursting at the seams!

Welcome to all the new first term students. This is the start of what will be an extraordinarily fulfilling education in performance. We are thrilled with the level of talent and commitment that we are seeing within our student body.

By way of news for this term, Vikki Anderson, Tim Chisolm, and Ralph Small are on board to direct the Term 5 plays. Anderson will be working on Six Characters In Search Of An Author and Chisolm will be bringing in the bard with Midsummer Night’s Dream. Smalls will be directing a collection of short plays called Love’s Fire based on Shakespearean sonnets. With the level of talent in these three sections, it is sure to be an incredible season. The shows will run between Dec.16 and 20 at The Pia Bouman Theatre in Parkdale, Toronto.

We would like to congratulate our Term 6 graduating class who will be starting production on their short films. Under the guidance of our excellent film instructor Yale Massey, from Rogers TV’s The Film Student, they will be on location for the first half of the semester.

This term, the ever-popular acting showcases will be held the week of Dec. 15 to 20

Finally, we are proud to share the news that graduate Ken Harrower was featured on the big screen at TIFF this year, while several other graduates have had roles on Degrassi, Covert Affairs, and Rookie Blue.

We want to wish you all the best in the coming semester. Break a leg!


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