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TFS Grad Jude Chun’s Debut Feature ‘Unidentified’ Now Available on VOD

Jude Chun

Film Production grad Jude Chun is celebrating the release of his first feature film, Unidentified, on Video on Demand this week.

Described by Chun as a ‘genre-bending UFO film’, Unidentified is now available to stream in Canada and the U.S. on Amazon Prime VOD HERE.

Shot primarily in South Korea, the film opens in the year 2022 – 29 years after enormous, planet-shaped UFOs suddenly appeared over every major city in the world. In the years since, the UFOs haven’t attacked, nor have they initiated communication. They’ve just remained floating, becoming a part of ordinary life. But below them, rumours have begun spreading that the aliens have begun infiltrating Earth, disguised as humans.

“At night, these people dream memories from their home planet – dreams so vivid that they consider these memories more real than their life on Earth,” Chun said of the plot of Unidentified.

“This film shows the stories of many different characters. Each story is told in a visually unique way, with various genres and styles of filmmaking used for each segment.”

Unidentified poster

While Chun graduated from TFS in 2008, he characterized the journey he’s taken over the 15 years since as a ‘long and circuitous’ one that’s finally paying dividends.

“Working in commercials, music videos, theatre, VFX, and even doing some English teaching, it was difficult to not give up on my dream of making a feature film,” he said, describing Unidentified as a low-budget indie film that’s screened at FantasicFest in Austin, Texas; the Sydney International Film Festival in Australia; International Film Festival Rottterdam in the Netherlands, and the Singapore International Film Festival, among others.

“It features CGI UFOs, a dance scene with more than 20 professional dancers, scenes shot in six different countries, and nine different spoken languages.”

Chun credits the people he’s worked with over the course of his filmmaking journey for making Unidentified possible.

“The only reason this film was able to be made is the people that I met along the way, on that long journey to making a feature, and I think that comes through in the film – that no one is just a ‘hired hand’ in front of or behind the camera,” he said.

“That’s probably the biggest asset anyone can have: like-minded, talented people you actually enjoy working with. I would advise film students to really search for and maintain those relationships at film school.”

For more information about Unidentified, visit the film’s Instagram page.

Cynthia Reason

Cynthia Reason (she/her) is a former newspaper journalist turned communications professional who currently works as Toronto Film School’s Manager of Communications. Prior to joining TFS, she spent 13 years working as a reporter for Torstar/Metroland Media Toronto, writing for publications including Toronto.com, the Etobicoke Guardian, and the Toronto Star, among others. Her byline has also appeared in the National Post. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Guelph and Post-Graduate Diploma in Journalism from Humber College.


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