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Roxanne Resh on Passion for “Creating Worlds That Don’t Exist” With VFX Students


For Roxanne Resh, the most inspiring thing about working visual effects is the opportunity it gives her to create worlds that don’t exist.


“VFX is a huge tool that allows you to tell stories that are amazing, that are fantastic, and that are a reflection of our imaginations – as wild as they can be,” said Resh, director of the Visual Effects for Film & TV Online Diploma (VFX) program at Toronto Film School.



“The most inspiring thing is creating worlds that don’t exist – how you can take this model that doesn’t have anything on it, and put a texture on it that not only looks realistic, but also tells a story. It’s all about telling a story, and there are different ways to tell a story…but I think visually is always a lot more effective.”


A Digital Media graduate from the International Academy of Design and Technology, Resh is a lifelong artist whose diverse graphic design portfolio includes both web and print work.


After obtaining her Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees from the University of Toronto, she returned to work in the film industry as a 3D artist – specializing in texturing, CG materials, rendering, and, last but not least, environment design and setup.



“My passion is environments and there’s a lot of work that goes into that – not necessarily just the technical part, but also knowing all the things that go into creating an environment that’s believable,” Resh said, ,” she added, listing National Geographic’s Atlantis Rising among the projects she’s worked on recently.


“It’s a lot of fun…I ended up working on some documentaries, where I created a lot of assets myself, and some projects where I directed teams of people who created large environments.”


As the new director of Toronto Film School’s Visual Effects for Film & TV Online Diploma (VFX) program, Resh said she’s excited to create many “amazing” learning experiences for her students.


“You have to start with the very basic stuff – the fundamental things that you need to know, but eventually with passion and a lot of work and some all-nighters, you get to the point where you can create some really, really amazing, amazing things,” Resh promised.