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Princeton Review Ranks TFS in the Top 50 Video Game Programs

Toronto Film School’s Video Game Design diplomas were recently listed as one of the best in the world by the prestigious Princeton Review. 

Announced on March 12, the Princeton Review’s 10th annual list of the top 50 undergraduate game design programs ranked Toronto Film School (TFS) at #41 amidst an impressive field that included schools from across the U.S., Canada and abroad.  

This is a great and significant recognition which validates our experiential learning methodologies, used to train the new generation of game developers,” Jean-Paul Amore, TFS’s Associate Director of Education, said of the school’s Princeton Review ranking 

Our ‘real world’ studio-simulated learning environments and collaborations with many TFS programs, proves that all TFS programs have contributed to making this recognition possible.” 

 Known for its school rankings in dozens of different categories, The Princeton Review chose the game design schools listed in this year’s ranking based on data collected in a 2018 survey of administrators at 150 different institutions here in North America and overseas.  

The survey covered everything from the schools’ courses and facilities, to their graduates’ starting salaries and professional achievements.  

“The schools that made our lists this year have stellar programs for aspiring game designers and developers,” Robert Franek, The Princeton Review’s editor-in-chief, said in a statement 

“Their faculties are outstanding and their facilities are awesome. Just as impressive: their alumni include many of the video game industry’s most prominent artists, designers, developers, and entrepreneurs.” 

TFS was one of only four Canadian schools to make this year’s list.  


Toronto Film School

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