New Year Brings New Instructors, Students and Courses to Film Production Program

Happy New Year! 2017 will be another exciting year at the Toronto Film School, especially for the Film Production program, as we continue to grow. We welcome new students, many from all over the world as theToronto Film School continues to branch out globally. There are also many new faces in our faculty, helping to expand our ever-growing roster of incredible industry talent, ready to share their experience and knowledge with the student body of Toronto Film School. I encourage you to visit the Toronto Film School website and check out the faculty bios of the Film Production instructors, I’m sure you will be not only be impressed but motivated as well, I’m sure it will stimulate conversations you may have with them. We also continue to develop exciting new partnerships, which will bring continued opportunities to everyone at the Toronto Film School.

This term will be the final roll out of the new curriculum and see the first round of Thesis projects delivered. I’m very excited to see the level of product that will be delivered by this group. We’re very excited to be introducing Post Production and Workflow this term, which will be headed up by the very talented Dusty Mancinelli who has long been a part of our proposal committee. He has strong producing skills and the work he has done as a post-production supervisor has been on many projects, including work with famed director Deepa Mehta. With his eye for story editing, Dusty should prove to be a valuable asset to your projects moving forward.

As always, my door is always open so feel free to see me, to talk or even just to say hi. I promise you I have several exciting opportunities in development for this year. And as always you the student body will benefit greatly. You’ll hear more as these begin to line up. Have a great year, be strong, be good to each other and as always stay focused.

Christopher Lane is an instructor in the Film Production Diploma Program at Toronto Film School. He is a writer, producer and director who has been working in the film industry for more than 20 years.