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Grad Uses Platform to Inspire Women | Luna Lindsay and the Ardene Campaign

By Luna Lindsay: Marketing for Fashion and Entertainment Alumnus and Instagram Influencer

With International Woman’s day coming up this week I was thrilled to be asked to discuss my recent campaign with Ardene focussing on impactful women and embracing who we are as a society.



The campaign was titled We Culture, and we were asked what it means to us. When I think of the term We Culture, I immediately think of inclusion, no stigma, no judgement, just love, acceptance and coming together as one. I had the pleasure of working and creating alongside six other amazing women who work in the influencer industry, make sure to constantly spread positivity and acceptance on their platforms and are all from different backgrounds and ethnicities.  


From left to right @aiesharobinson_ @chlowelaterreur  @alanis.desilets @peace.upon.faith  @luna.lindsay @cindycournoyer   @demiplaras


The majority of us met that day, but we immediately all clicked discussed what drives our creativity and how much we supported the message behind this campaign.  

Over the next two days, we shot stills and video for the campaign. We were interviewed and asked what inspires us, what we believe in and what we hope for the future. I hope that we continue to choose collaboration over competition, to continue to be kind rather than to be cruel and that people will choose to be less judgemental and to accept others.  

In 2019 it gives me faith that I can use a powerful platform to help others be inspired, spread positive messages and connect with people from all over the world. I love being able to create, to take an idea and a concept in my head and turn it into a reality. I love being able to inspire others to be exactly who they want to be.  

During my time at Toronto Film School, I was able to meet and work alongside many inspiring women. Students who wanted to make a difference and instructors who were killing it in their industry. Education builds confidence; Toronto Film School furthered my confidence and ability to continue to thrive in my industry with the right skills and mindset.  

Toronto Film School

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