TFS – Festival of Films Videos

In case you missed this year’s Festival of Films, we invite you to kick back and enjoy our winning videos!

Best Picture: Ho Anderson “Lotus Eaters”

Best Male Performer: Dominic Derose “Lotus Eaters”

Best Cinematography: Hassan Almadlouh “The Pianist’s Melody”

Best Editor: Ilbron Marogy “My Brother Said”

Best Female Performer: Athena Mettalions “Feel It”

Best Sound Design: Joe Parente “The Shadow Over Eden”

Best Production Design: Sarah Pugsley “Olivia”

Best screenplay: Dordaneh Dadui and Brad Vermunt “Resilience”

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Best Documentary: March Mercanti “Don’t Get Mad, Just Get Used To It”

Best Commercial: Isaac Heron “Inglenook”

Best Music Video: March Mercanti “THE MAKER/Iron Age Pigs”

To watch a nonstop playlist of these wonderful films, please visit the Toronto Film School YouTube Channel!