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Film Production Grad Gets Career Opportunity of a Lifetime on Chris Hadfield Film

The 2017 graduation ceremony is just days away, but already, one Film Production graduate knows how he will spend the next year: trekking on an adventure, the career opportunity of a lifetime. Francesco Petitti, will soon join a team on a trip around the world documenting cultural expeditions. Petitti will take time out to attend the Toronto Film School graduation ceremony on May 4 at the Toronto Centre for the Performing Arts, but he will make haste after- setting off to Japan and Easter Island. It is an opportunity that presented itself through the coordinator of Film Production at Toronto Film School, Christopher Lane, based on Petitti’s proven track record in the program.


“I’ve relayed to students for years that the secret to success is to prepare, to deliver, to exceed expectations, to do the research and the willingness to go that extra mile,” Lane said. “On top of this always be educating yourself, be a team player, work well with others and always understand that criticism and feedback are a necessary process- although sometimes painful and required for the greater good of the project.”


This story began more than a year ago when Lane started a project (titled SHOOT) with his company KliC Creative. The project was a documentary driven by music and text. It was done in association with Turkish Airlines, Euroleague Basketball, Adidas, Spalding and Upper Deck as well as others. The setting takes place during the final four championship of the Euroleague Basketball series, which is seen by almost 200 million hungry fans in over 180 countries worldwide. The film was shot in Germany and included a multitude of interviews with individuals from many countries including Italy, Spain and Argentina.


Lane often offers exceptional students cool opportunities in the industry. During this project, Lane worked with 3rd term Toronto Film School student Francesco Petitti. “He stepped up and did a few projects with me in the past, showing me and my team that he has an outstanding work ethic and creative mind,” Lane said.  “SHOOT seemed like a perfect fit for him as he can speak Italian and Portuguese, and has done a fair bit of globe trekking already in his young life.”


To accommodate this, he had to prepare as my team had to challenge him creatively and artistically, and really hone his producing, paperwork and business skills while facilitating the long hours of training required to prepare for this project. The result is a fantastic film that includes the efforts of other Toronto Film School elites.


The documentary celebrates the art of photography, as well as those who document events like these, and of course the celebration of the Euroleague Basketball championship—all set to an amazing score. The film is already set to show in film festivals around the world including a festival in Columbia celebrating Canada’s 150th Anniversary, it will also be broadcast on televisions around the globe in countries such as Italy, Germany and Portugal, eventually being shown on all Turkish airline flights.


When another amazing opportunity came down the pipeline, Lane already knew just what to do. Recently the team behind Commander Chris Hadfield, the world renowned Canadian astronaut, approached Lane with some inquiries.


“After some correspondence and discussion, we found ourselves laying the groundwork and pitch for a major documentary celebrating the work of this icon,” Lane explained.  “After much dialogue with Evan the head of the communications dept, it was decided that the project would require much more conversation and would have to be revisited in the future as Evan currently had a need for a specifically skilled filmmaker to join their team on a trip around the world documenting cultural expeditions- food, humanitarian efforts, interesting events, and much more. And of course, I had just the right person in mind for this once in a lifetime opportunity- Francesco Petitti.”


Not only can Petitti speak Italian, English, Spanish and French, but he has shown himself to be a consummate professional, upping his skill level and working diligently to amass as much information and improve his ability to produce an exceptional product. Lane’s team has promised to act as a liaison and point for Francesco as we will be in communication with him.

“As this project takes off and picks up speed, I’m sure we will need lots more assistance from our students. So continue to work hard, and maybe you just might get the opportunity of a lifetime as well. This summer will be busy with projects and we’re always looking for dedicated helpers,” Lane said.




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