Female Creatives Explain Why They Decided Now Was the Time to Pursue Their Passions at Toronto Film School

What better time than now?


Around the world, the coronavirus pandemic has forced many female creatives to take a step back from their daily grinds, take stock of what’s really important to them, and take action to achieve their dreams.



For many – like Zoey Poulsen, Jill King and Carol Snow – that newfound drive to pursue their passions has lead them directly to Toronto Film School.


“I don’t know if I would’ve actually gotten to the point of signing up for this program, otherwise,” said Poulsen, who recently enrolled in Toronto Film School’s Acting for Film, TV, & the Theatre program.


“It’s something I always wanted to do with my life, but naturally, as we were all placed on somewhat of a pause, I actually had that time to really go within and see what was next for me – what I wanted to learn, what I wanted to discover for myself, and finally I just decided why not start now? What better time than now?”



For King, who’d already explored other career avenues in different fields, her passion for fashion simply emerged as an undeniable truth she couldn’t ignore anymore.


“I didn’t really understand before that passion kind of drives success,” she said of her past forays into jobs in the medical field and journalism.


“So, I kind of decided where I wanted to be in five years, and I realized the only way to get there is to start now – because in five years, I’m still going to be who I am and I’d rather be doing what I love.”



Now she, along with Snow, are both anxiously awaiting the start of their first term in Toronto Film School Online’s Designing for Fashion program.


“By taking this leap of faith, like signing up for a program like this, it’s a huge act of self-love,” said Poulsen. “And the more that you can love and honour yourself, the more enjoyable and more fulfilled your life will be.”




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