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Celebrating the 2018 Toronto Film School Festival of Films

On Sept. 28, 2018, the Toronto Film School celebrated its annual Festival of Films. The festival featured 44 works which were created by Toronto Film School students and alumni. The collection included short films, documentaries, public service announcements and music videos.



This year’s festival was held at Jackman Hall in the Art Gallery of Ontario and was followed by the Festival of Films Awards Ceremony. Winners were chosen by a panel of faculty and industry professionals.

The winners of the 2018 Toronto Film School Festival of Films were:

  • Best Documentary: Alex Lyon for Sacrifice
  • Best Production Design: Cesar Karraa for He is Mime
  • Best Film Editing: Xiaoyu Chen for Back To Reality
  • Best Sound Design: Jackson Le Touzel for Haze and Hack
  • Best Screenwriter: Melisa Sahin for Screenwriter
  • Best Male Performance: Yahya Bajwa for Queen of the Night
  • Best Female Performance: Mélie Boisseau-Rondeau for Ripples
  • Best Cinematography: Artem Mykhailetskyi for Samantha
  • Best Director: Christina Borgs for Ripples
  • Best Producer: David Multari, Michael Uccello and Julian Vetrone for Angel
  • Best Picture: Melisa Sahin for Alto
  • Best Graduating Video Game 2018: Graduating class of Spring 2018
  • Best Motion Design Award: Kayla Gibbons


Toronto Film School

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