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Film Production Brothers Form Metal Monster Productions After Graduation

Three brothers, Julian, Lucas and Christian Vetron, came to Toronto Film School at the same time to study Film Production. When they graduated in 2018, it was with an even bigger family and a newly formed company called Metal Monster Productions, which has been racking up awards at festivals all over Canada.

Metal Monster Productions consists of five members, brothers Julian (Director/Writer/Producer/Editor), Lucas (Editor/Marketing Coordinator) and Christian Vetron (Production Designer), Michael Uccello (Director/Writer/Producer) and Patrick Dell Rose (Sound Designer); four out of five of the members are Toronto Film School graduates.



Julian had been making movies since he was in Grade 5 and brothers Lucas and Christian have been with him the whole way. Lucas taught Julian how to edit when he was little and sound designer Patrick met the trio while in high school.

“Growing up in high school my friends would crack jokes about my intelligence, but then you come to a school and pursue something you’re passionate about and love and it just clicks, it’s your place, it’s where you belong,” Julian explained.















Not long after enrolling, the three brothers met Mike and Metal Monster Productions was born. Their latest production and term six short film project was the thriller-slasher film “Angel”.

“I’ve been obsessed with Michael Myers and Jason since I was little. I always wanted to make my own slasher / serial killer film,” Julian said. “I told [Dave] about an idea I had written back in high school, which was Angel… he loved it. When fifth term projects came about we finally got to shoot it.”















Throughout their time at Toronto Film School and since, Metal Monster Productions has had their films featured in the Toronto Film School Festival of Films, UTM Film Festival, participated in in the “15 second Horror Challenge”, are currently entering their projects into several festivals around North America and are currently working on a horror feature film as well as a feature-length documentary.















In addition to taking home a number of awards at the Toronto Film School Festival of Film, Metal Monster Productions has been gaining accolades at festivals across Canada. God’s Madmen won Best Canadian Short Film and Best Canadian Actor at the Edmonton Festival of Fear International Film Festival. Angel won the 2018 Bloody Award and Evil Monster Award at the 6ix Screams International Horror Film Festival.


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