Andrew Barnsley Lends Emmy-Nominated Expertise to Podcast on Streaming Wars

Andrew Barnsley recently lent his Emmy-nominated expertise to a Financial Post podcast exploring the impact of the ever-escalating streaming wars on Canadian content.


With Apple TV+ and Disney+ having just joined Netflix, Crave and Amazon Prime Video among the ranks of heavy hitting streaming services now available here in Canada, Down to Business host Emily Jackson invited Toronto Film School’s Executive Producer in Residence to discuss his take on the topic.



“As more and more of these buyers and broadcasters, and streamers come online…for us, as producers, that means there’s more demand for content, that means the competition’s going to be greater, and that means there’s going to be more opportunity,” Barnsley, the newly Emmy-nominated executive producer of Schitt’s Creek, said during the 27-minute interview.



As CEO of Project 10 Productions, Barnsley said the critical and popular success of Schitt’s Creek – particularly after it got picked up by Netflix – has likewise had a dramatic impact on how he and his fellow Canadian producers have been received by colleagues south of the border.


“Conversation has changed rapidly over the last two or three years. We were always just seen as Canadians…and not really seen as an equal player when we were having those conversations in Los Angeles before. That’s changed,” he said.



“…It makes us proud, as Canadians, to know that this is something that started in Canada, that had the support of our public broadcaster, that found a huge, meaningful home here in Canada, which created sort of a groundswell that translated to U.S. interest, and then sort of global interest, as well.”


To hear more about what Barnsley had to say, listen at the link above, or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Play.