Andrew Barnsley Dishes on Film and TV Industry in Darren Walters Podcast

Recently the Toronto Film School’s Executive Producer in Residence, Andrew Barnsley sat down for an in-depth interview with Darren Walters where he dished about the Canadian film and television industry, his new show “Jann” and he even gives a shout out to Toronto Film School.



In addition to his work with Toronto Film School, Barnsley is a Canadian Screen Award-winning Executive Producer and an Executive producer of Schitt’s Creek. Barnsley talks about the ins-and-outs of his work as an Executive Producer and the importance of the relationships he has with talent, writer and financers. He also gives a walk through where the money comes from to support Canadian television. Of particular interest to Toronto Film School students is the conversation around how impressive the growth in the Canadian film industry has been, which Barnsley attributes to tax credits, the Canadian dollar, infrastructure and the talent pool of skilled labourers in Toronto and Canada.

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