Acting Students’ Virtual Production of ‘The Slasher’ Inspired by Classic Horror

Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and Pinhead will all make cameo appearances in Toronto Film School’s upcoming virtual production of The Slasher.


Conceived and directed by Rosanna Saracino, the 90-minute play is a devised adaptation of the horror-slasher genre of the late 1970s to early 1990s.


“In the tradition of films like Candyman, the characters in The Slasher find themselves at a party, hosted by the goth punk and eerie Tony, who taunts his guests to beckon a spirit by repeating their name in a mirror,” Saracino said of the play, which will be performed by her fifth-term Acting for Film, TV & the Theatre students.


The Slasher movie poster

Poster designed by Shayna Piercy


What emerges are a host of hellish characters, inspired by the likes of Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween– as well as the figure of a young girl named Alice, the original victim of The Slasher, who has since been trapped in hell and transformed to Satan’s “demon harbinger.”


“In a battle of good versus evil, Alice strives to help her earthly peers and to seek revenge and redemption against her killer and his host of evil allies,” Saracino said.


“Chaos, horror, and comedy ensue, in this play which embraces coming of age, confronting your fears, and claiming your courage.”


The Slasher, which is stage-managed by Eb Mensah, will take to the virtual stage for a three-performance run on June 15, 16 and 17 as follows:


Wednesday, June 15 at 6 p.m.

Thursday, June 16 at 6 p.m.

Friday, June 17 at 6 p.m.


***Click here to Livestream any of the above performances***



The Creative Team Behind The Slasher:


Brandon Bowes

Brandon Bowes as Tony, Duncan, Tommy, and Freddy Krueger

Brandon Bowes is a free spirit who absolutely loves acting. Always known as a very shy and quiet sort, be becomes a totally different person in front of the camera – fearless, like a lion in the jungle. Brandon is passionate about movies because they’ve helped him get through dark times. Watching characters on the screen fulfill their dreams against all odds gave him hope to not give up when he was at his lowest. Now he wants to do the same for someone else one day.



Ten Fray

Ten Fray as Edgar, Freddy Krueger and Pinhead

Ten is an actor, comedian, and voiceover artist known for Disney cruise line character work. You may recognize his handsome face from Yuk Yuks, where he has performed stand up.



Liam Trefry

Liam Trefry as Lewis

Liam is an actor from the east coast of Nova Scotia, who spent several years living in the Middle East, mainly Dubai UAE. Before discovering his love for acting, Liam had already gained a lot of experience and training in music and dance. His interest in acting and theatre spiked after getting exposure in Dubai. Liam aspires to be an actor for TV and film, and has an interest in theatre, voice work and voice overs for video games.



Kayla Welch

Kayla Welch as Alice

Kayla is a young and inspiring actor from Whitehorse, Yukon. Her career started in high school performing in plays, including roles as the ‘Wicked Witch’ in the Wizard of Oz, ‘Rizzo’ in Grease and ‘Queen Titania’ in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Kayla has also had the pleasure of doing live improvised scenes with her high school drama class for the city’s local job fair and Mothers Against Drunk Driving program. Kayla is currently studying acting at Toronto Film School. Her special skills and hobbies include singing, drawing, swimming, nature photography and fishing.



Kelsey Viner

Kelsey Viner as Margaret

Kelsey is currently studying acting for Film, TV, and Theatre at Toronto Film School. Growing up in Nova Scotia, she spent her time perfecting her equestrian skills, creating music, and expanding her vocals. Kelsey is currently learning the Korean language and is excellent with accent and dialects. She enjoys voice over, musicals, and all things Disney! In her spare time, she can be found creating music. Her passion for acting is what drives her to pursue her career in the entertainment industry.



Adesh Arthur Jr. Williams as Tommy, Duncan and Michael Myers

Adi or ‘Willadz’, as he’s known on social media, is a versatile producer, painter, guitarist, and tattoo artist who is excited to share his gifts with the world.



Rosanna Saracino

Rosanna Saracino – Director

Rosanna Saracino is a director and educator with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Her directing work has spanned theatre to film, opera to dance, though some favourite play productions include Suitcases (Canadian Stage Theatre), No Exit (Passe Muraille) and In Adagio (Winnipeg Art Gallery). As an educator, she has devised training strategies in consent and boundary practices involving emotional and psychological awareness and safety, and she has taught these in post-secondary institutions, professional entertainment environments, and in corporate settings. Special thanks to Eb Mensah, my SM for his support and diligence in this process. Special thanks to Hart Massey and to the administration and faculty at TFS.



Eb Mensah

Eb Mensah – Stage Manager

Eb Mensah is a Canadian actor, born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. He’s been passionate about the arts, specifically theatre and cinema, from a young age. He started performing in school play productions in elementary and high school, participating in after-school drama clubs. At the age of 22, Eb was hired by an acting coach, and began starting his basic training with self-tapes and auditioning. He worked background roles on the Amazon television series Tin Star. In 2019, Eb moved to Toronto to pursue his acting career and attended Toronto Film School. During his time with TFS, he participated in many projects and silent films. Eb wrote and directed his first short silent film, Nicky, which would go on to win two festival awards: Best Student Short at the Calgary Independent Film Festival and Best Thriller at the Accord Cine Fest. His notable short films include Gather Round the Fire, Miles Behind and Revenant Reunion. He also performed in TFS’s live production broadcasted play, William Shakespeare’s Double, Double, Toil and Trouble. He intends to use his talents to grow and learn within the industry. His goal is to be as versatile as possible, but also create new range of emotions and elements in any future projects that come his way.