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Dr. Rick Davey
President, Toronto Film School


My favourite days of the term happen when graduating students present their final, capstone projects. These events signal the culmination of a Toronto Film School education. More importantly, they demonstrate that Toronto Film School graduates are adept at creative and critical thinking, continuous learning and self-promotion. The projects themselves attest to the fact that program learning outcomes are practitioner-based, practical and professional, and by exhibiting what they are able to do and what they know about their industries and sectors, Toronto Film School graduates show that they are prepared to contribute to projects and organizations from their very first day on the job.

Another favourite day of the term is when I welcome new students to one of Toronto Film School’s three campuses. Invariably these new students are excited about their decision to pursue their career goals and to participate in Toronto Film School’s brand of application-oriented learning. At the same time, they are anxious about their success in a rigorous post-secondary program of study. I can therefore assure them that Toronto Film School faculty and staff are committed to helping them reach their career goals and to pro-actively supporting them as they progress through their programs.

All of these programs are career-focused and application-oriented. Program Advisory Committees provide insights and ensure curricular alignment with sectors and job requirements. Faculty members plan and deliver their courses to emphasize hands-on applications that engage and encourage students’ learning. Students apply new skills and knowledge in increasingly complex activities and projects in each of the Institute’s labs, clinics and studios—every day of the term.


We have a passionate, talented and dedicated community of learners, instructors and school administrators.


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