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Toronto Film School Grad Ali Kazmi Joins First Live-Streamed Episode of Arts Anatomy Podcast

Since graduating from Toronto Film School in 2009, Ali Kazmi has amassed an impressive filmography of international roles most aspiring actors can only dream of.


The Pakistan-born Toronto actor recently joined fellow alumnus Mélie B. Rondeau to share all details of his acting journey during a special live-streamed recording of Toronto Film School’s new Arts Anatomy podcast.



The nearly two-hour-long conversation, which took place on Tuesday, June 16 on Youtube, covered the highlights of Kazmi’s career thus far – from what inspired him to pursue his passion for acting, to his time at Toronto Film School, to how he established himself as a versatile and sought-after multi-lingual actor here in Canada, the United States and India, as well as back home in Pakistan.


To date, Kazmi’s resume includes a long list of accomplishments, including:


– Working with acclaimed Indo-Canadian writer/director Deepa Mehta on not one, but two projects – Beeba Boys, which was nominated for Best Canadian Feature Film at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, as well as Mehta’s upcoming adaptation of Shyam Selvadurai’s debut novel Funny Boy



– Landing multiple voiceover roles in the animated feature The Breadwinner, which was nominated for Best Animated Feature Film at both the 2018 Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards



– Establishing a himself as a multi-faceted and multi-lingual television actor, with a variety of roles in series both here in North America, as well as overseas, including: NBC’s Taken; ABC’s Designated Survivor; Pakistan’s record-breaking hit Baaghi; USA Network’s Falling Water; MTV’s American remake of the BBC’s Skins; and Global TV’s Combat Hospital, among others


– Recent casting in a string of Pakistani films that have since been released worldwide, including Laal Kabootar, Superstar, Baaji, Altered Skin and Ishrat-reloaded


– Voicing of several characters on blockbuster Ubisoft video games such as Spinter Cell and Far Cry



The event was open to all Toronto Film School and Toronto Film School Online students and alumni, as well as the general public.