Fall Update From Toronto Film School’s Acting Program

Welcome to the 2017 Fall Semester for the Acting for Film, TV & Theatre Diploma program.  We have a record-breaking 13 sections this term! This will include five new term one groups and 2 theatrical productions.  We couldn’t be more excited.


Firstly, welcome to all of our new students.  We will be posting your first camera monologues online, as directed by faculty members Hart Massey, Jonathan Higgins, and John Tench.  This way you become part of the Toronto Film School Acting Roster and student film directors from across campus will be able to see your work and potentially cast you in their next film. This is the start of an extraordinarily fulfilling time in your life so take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way and build up that demo reel.


We have worked hard to integrate the acting program with other TFS departments in order to provide you with a greater overall learning experience.  Some of this term’s acting program collaborations include:


  • TFS General Auditions which highlight our actors for Film Production films
  • Actors starring in each other’s Term 6 films and monologues
  • Film Production students helping to produce our Term 6 Greenlit Films
  • Actors performing in Film Production classes
  • Actors’ Voiceovers being used by Video Game designers at Steeles Campus
  • Writing Program students assisting our students in developing their greenlit scripts
  • Graphic Design Students creating more dynamic packages for our Term 5 pitches
  • Graphic Design students building motion graphic sequences for our term 6 films


In theatre news, Caroline Smith will be returning to Toronto Film School  to direct an exciting play that fits the holiday season.  In addition, the very prolific Alex Poch Goldin who has just been cast in a Mirvish production will also be directing the other Term 5 stage play.  Both directors bring a wealth of experience to the theatre and will undoubtedly create highly entertaining shows. Stay tuned for information on how to get tickets to see these productions.


We’d also like to congratulate our Term 6 graduating class who will be starting production on their short films under the guidance of returning faculty, Tony Del Rio (production), Chad Tailor (pre-production), and James Bond (video editing).  The directors will be on location for the first half of the semester.  Make sure to inquire with them as to whether they are holding auditions for acting program students.  Or do anything to get involved! It’s all part of networking on campus.


We are thrilled with the astonishing success of our graduates who are thriving in the industry and are represented by some of the best agents in the country including:


  • Noble Kaplan Abrams
  • Talent House
  • Characters
  • Butler Ruston Bell
  • Ambition Talent
  • AMP Talent


Graduates have gone on to direct/produce/write/and star in several films that have premiered at TIFF, Sundance Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, and Toronto Film School’s Festival of Films.  They have also made appearances in both commercials and tv series including Kim’s Convenience, Degrassi, Covert Affairs, Rookie Blue, Hannibal, Odd Squad, Mr. D, Reign, Motives and Murders, Web of Lies, Sensitive Skin and ReBoot.  Also look for our seasoned faculty members on stages and TV screens across the country including Andrew Moodie as the villain in the series finale of Orphan Black or John Tench as T-Bone in the new Ubisoft video game Watchdogs 2.


We want to wish you all the best in the coming semester. Break a leg!


Hart Massey and Michael Ayoub are the Coordinators of The Acting for Film, TV and Theatre Program at Toronto Film School. Hart is also an actor, writer, and producer, known for his television shows Hart of the Annex (2006) and the Gemini-nominated series The Film Student (2009-2013).  Michael is a graduate of the prestigious Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater in New York City, under the brilliant Sanford Meisner. As an actor, director, producer and teacher, Michael has been an active force in the business for more than forty years.