Faculty in the Video Game Design & Development program are dedicated professionals who are achieved and recognized in their field of expertise

Jean – Paul Amore, B.SC. M.MATH | Course Discipline: Programming, Production, Game Business   Program Director 

With degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics, for over two decades, Jean – Paul Amore has been producing and developing interactive media for Toronto-based software firms, in the areas of educational video games, mobile applications and medical software. Jean – Paul is an advisory-board member for several game start-up companies and game organizations. He is a frequent lecturer for several colleges and universities in Ontario and is the program coordinator for the video game programs at the Toronto Film School.

Domenico Caronzo, B.Sc. | Course Discipline: Programming

Domenico Caronzo is a graduate of the Computer Science program at Ryerson University.  A passion for video game design and development led him to teaching.  With over 5 years of experience in teaching video game design and 6 years of business management, he brings his management, analytical and problem-solving skills into the classroom. Domenico’s other professional endeavors include web design, application programming and various research projects.


Brad Furminger, Diploma in Human Resources Management | Course Discipline: Production, Game Design

Brad Furminger entered the video game development industry in September 1998, joining the Silicon Knights Design team following ten years of sales in the gaming field. He was promoted to Lead Designer in May of 1999, and served in that capacity on Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (GameCube) and Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (GameCube) and for a portion of the development on Too Human (Xbox 360).

Brad left Silicon Knights in October 2008, while working as Senior Technical Designer on an unannounced project. He joined Bedlam Studios in Toronto, Ontario as Senior Level Designer in February 2009 and remained with the studio until it closed in the summer of 2011. During his time at Bedlam, Brad led the Design team on multiple unreleased projects, including Scratch: The Ultimate DJ (Xbox 360, PS3, PC, iOS) and Gamma World: Alpha Mutation (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Sergio Juarez, B.Sc., M.Sc. | Course Discipline: Programming

Sergio Juarez has been working in the game industry as a programmer since 2008, and has worked for several studios, including EA, Microsoft Games, Radical and Ubisoft. 

Wojtek Kawczynski, B.Sc., M.Sc., M.B.A. | Course Discipline: Production, Game Business

Wojtek is currently the founder and CEO of Wark Studios, a consulting company focused on the game industry.  Prior to Wark, Wojtek was the CEO of BDA Entertainment where he guided the company’s growth over close to 7 years.  Prior to BDA, Wojtek spent 4 years heading up the studio division of TransGaming with responsibilities for strategy, game design, operations, business development and partnerships. The division developed and published six games spanning iOS, Wii, PC, Mac and GameTree TV. Wojtek’s first job in the game industry was running the game division of SilverBirch, where he set strategy, oversaw the operations of the publishing and development groups, identified merger and acquisition opportunities, and led integration efforts within the division. He also directly ran the operations of SilverBirch Studios, the development studio that founded the game division. 

Before entering the game industry, Wojtek worked at an enterprise software start-up as Director of Product Management and before that spent five years at one of Canada’s top venture capital firms as an investment officer. 

Wojtek has a BSc from Concordia University, an MSc from McGill University, and an MBA from York University. 

Ahmet Kokulu, B.Sc., Post-Grad Cert. Interactive Media Management | Course Discipline: Programming

Ahmet is a software engineer who primarily focuses on Game Programming, Game Design and Interactive Media. After working as a full stack developer in Istanbul, Turkey, he moved to Canada in 2017 and has worked on Game and Interactive Media projects alongside teaching. 

Ali Kokulu, B.Sc., Post-Grad Cert. Game Design | Course Discipline: Programming

Ali’s background is in Computer Science and Game Design. He is a Game Programming Professor and a Technical Game Designer from Toronto. After working in Istanbul, Turkey as a Full Stack Developer and Technical Consultant, he moved to Canada in 2012 and entered the game industry in Toronto. He helped develop and publish many projects which use video game technology in the industry; from video games to 3D or Virtual Reality applications. 

Galen Manuel, Diploma in Game Programming | Course Discipline: Programming

Galen Manuel has been working in the game industry for close to 10 years and has worked on a variety of web and mobile games. He currently enjoys problem-solving as a Software Engineer 2 at Zynga. When not working during the day he enjoys building and playing games.  

Victor Pinto, B.A., Post-Graduate Cert. Game Design | Course Discipline: Production, Game Design, Art

Victor is a Toronto based interactive media Educator and Designer. He holds a bachelors degree in Communication Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University, and has been working with games since the creation of the app store. With over 5 years of post-secondary teaching experience, Victor has been helping students navigate their way through various game engines, design systems and production methodologies. As a specialist working with interactive media, Victor’s focus has recently turned to VR development. 

Gilbert Seah, B.Eng., M.Eng. | Course Discipline: Mathematics 

Gilbert Seah is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Singapore, Singapore being the place of birth.  He has taught for 21 years at DeVry Institute of Technology prior to the Toronto Film School and Yorkville University.  He has also a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Toronto which allows him to also teach in the Business Program. 

He has taught and can teach anything from Business Accounting and Finance to Electronics to programming to mathematics to Managerial Skills to Programming to Aerobics (in my younger days) – a case of Jack of all Trades and master of all.  He is a registered Professional Engineer with the APEO. 

Gilbert’s industrial experience includes working as an Engineer at PHILIPS (the Dutch company) in Singapore.  In Canada, he worked as a senior technical support specialist at AEL Microtel which was bought over by BC Telephone and then Telus. 

His passion is film and he is currently a film critic and a member of the Toronto Film Critics Association.  He sees and reviews almost every film screened in Toronto. 


Rob Elsworthy, B.A. | Course Discipline: Production, Art

Rob Elsworthy has had a successful career in the media industry spanning two decades. He has worked on Game projects like Metal Gear Solid, Max Payne, Grand Theft Auto, The Warriors, and Red Dead Redemption as an Animator, VFX Artist, and Game Designer. He is the Program Director for Video Game Design and Animation at Toronto Film School. He recently founded Resistr Interactive, to make socially aware games and promote diversity in the industry. As a speaker, panelist, and advisory board member, Rob has contributed to workshops and events for Tedx, Interactive Ontario, CODEX, and the Black Youth Design Initiative at his alma mater OCADU, hoping to inspire the next generation of game creators. 


Emanuel Melo, Diploma in Game Art | Course Discipline: Art, Production

Emanuel Melo is a 3D Artist who has over a decade of experience in 3D graphics and specializes in texturing and technical art. He has worked on various projects providing creative design, conceptualizing and development of 3D environments for both computer graphics (CG) and real-time game engines. Emanuel’s expertise stretches into CG rendering development, real-time game software, UI/UX design, VR, and mechanic and retention design in 3D software.

Darrel Moen, Diploma in Audio | Course Discipline: Audio

Darrel has been dedicated to the entertainment industry for over 35 years. His career began as a musician in the studio and music scene of 80s Minneapolis. His travels brought him to Toronto where he acquired an appreciation for the art and history of audio and chose to devote his career to Post Production, from sound design to final delivery. Today, Darrel embraces digital technology, while holding onto the purity and honesty of the audio art form. Darrel has been an instructor for over 15 years, and together with Rick Bennett’s team, helped build the Film Production program at Toronto Film School.

Kyle Skidmore, Diploma in Video Game Design & Animation | Course Discipline: 3D Modeling

Kyle has been interested in games and their systems all his life. His passion for design started early when he discovered Dungeons and Dragons and custom map makers in early PC games. He is an alumnus of the Toronto Film School where he graduated at the top of his class in the Video Game Design and Animation program. 

An indie dev, Kyle is one half of the ownership of Cat Splat Studios, where he has published mobile titles, such as Rocket Recover. He brings a background in business and project management and utilizes his design knowledge to oversee development while also contributing with his 3D modeling skill set. Currently, the studio is hard at work on their first PC title, Codename: Shifter on which they work closely with the Toronto Film School, current students, and recent graduates. Kyle teaches Modeling for Games and Level Design with Unreal Engine. 


Kenn Senoron, Diploma in Game Art, Post-Graduate Cert. Game Art & Animation | Course Discipline: 3D Modeling

Kenn is a Toronto based 3D freelance modeler and currently has been an 3D/2D game art instructor for 3+ years. He is a graduate from Seneca’s animation and game art program and has worked both in Toronto’s animation scene and the gaming indie scene. Some of Kenn art skill were utilized at Yowza! Animation as a 2D artist and 3D environment modeler for small movie projects and television shows such as Welcome to the Waynes. Currently Kenn is helping beginner students navigate and get familiar with various 2D and 3D art programs such as photoshop and 3DMax and is also assisting 5th and 6th semester art students with their Capstone. Helping them understand the basics of game engines, such as unity and/or unreal and a better grasp on other environment modelling techniques such as trim sheets.


Vitor Fiacadori, B.A., Post-Graduate Cert. Game Design | Course Discipline: Game Design, Art

Vitor is a Brazilian-born, Toronto-based designer and teacher with over 10 years of experience in arts and design. He is a multifaceted designer creating games and interfaces as well as an accomplished graphic and motion designer. Vitor has worked with multiple media companies and has collaborated as a game designer for start-ups and as a UI/UX designer for UKEN Games. In addition to teaching, Vitor currently freelances as a multimedia designer and develops independent games.


Sean Harrison, Diploma in Game Programming | Course Discipline: Programming, Mathematics

Sean Harrison has been working as a Game Developer in the Toronto area for nearly a decade, with a focus on mobile games. His work as a freelancer has provided him the opportunity to work in a number of different game engines such as Unity, Unreal, Phaser, Cocos2D, as well as the development of his own custom JavaScript game framework. He brings his background in Math and Physics to teach a comprehensive understanding of the entire game development process.


Hisham Ata, B.Tech., Diploma in Video Game Design & Development | Course Discipline: Programming

Hisham has always been an avid programmer since he was young. Tinkering with and understanding computers has always been one of his strong suits. He graduated with a Bachelors of Commerce in Business Technology Management from Ryerson University. Hisham is also the founder of a game development studio, Cat Splat Studios. He brings an extensive consulting background in programming, IT, and project management. He is a highly adaptive and self-directed leader who isn’t afraid to work in the trenches alongside the team and learn new technologies to become a more well- rounded professional. In his free time, he loves making music, playing fighting games and is an active competitor and commentator for the Canadian fighting game community.


Danny Tran | Course Discipline: Programming

Danny started his video game development career in 2015. He has studied both programming/animation and uses his knowledge to bridge the gap between programmers and animation. He helped many studios develop and publish many projects in the video game industry. Recently Danny has been focused on his technical animation skills. Currently he is working with Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment helping innovate and disrupt the sport and entertainment industry.


Naveen Prasad | Course Discipline: Game Programming

Naveen Prasad is a game developer at Ubisoft Toronto with multiple years of experience in the game industry. After graduating with honours, he accepted a position at Ubisoft Toronto as a Development Tester in AI and shipped two AAA titles (Watch Dogs: Legion and Far Cry 6) with more games on the way. In addition to gaining industry experience, Naveen is also passionate to share his knowledge and exhibit his creativity with students of the Toronto Film School. Some of his hobbies include developing his own personal games, producing short-films, and being a gamer.