Welcome to a New Crop of International Students at Toronto Film School

On Friday, Jan. 6, the Toronto Film School had the privilege of welcoming a large cohort of international students into the fold.




Mónica Aguirre, Toronto Film School’s Director, International Student Recruitment said there were 23 international students who attend the international student orientation event.


These students have come to the Toronto Film School from all over the world, including students from China, Malaysia, Colombia, Brazil, Australia, France, Italy, Zimbabwe, USA, India, Jamaica, Japan, Philippines, Portugal and Indonesia. They are studying across the creative programs offered at Toronto Film School.




Aguirre explained that Toronto Film School’s international student orientation is a special event hosted specifically for students coming to school in Toronto from out of the country. The event focuses on topics relevant to students who moved from another country and don’t know how to navigate the Canadian systems. Among the topics covered were:

  • Health Insurance and how the Canadian health care system works for international students:
  • Accommodations: info and tips for renting in Toronto
  • Laws in Canada
  • Intercultural communications
  • How to get the basics: cell phone, bank account and the internet
  • Cost of living in Toronto
  • Who can help them at Toronto Film School
  • And much more



These international student orientation events are run at the beginning of every term as a way of providing extra support to international students at Toronto Film School.