Three Tips for Successful Student Self-Care: By Zac Schraeder, TFS Student Advisor

When we say goodbye to family members or close friends for a long period of time (say, before you return to Toronto Film School after the winter break?), they often tell us “take care of yourself”. This turn of phrase is a genuine way of conveying affection, but it means something more.

Take care of yourself: Make positive decisions and do what’s right for you.

Believe it or not, self-care is a vital part of being a successful student and human being!

It’s easy for us to think that binge-watching the latest Netflix craze, or over-indulging in guilty pleasures like sugary foods and alcohol are examples self-care, but the truth is that it goes deeper than that. It’s not about indulgence, but about mindful, purposeful actions that increase your outcome of success. To be honest, self-care as a student can be difficult sometimes. Here are three self-care strategies you can incorporate into this term to make it successful!

1. Making challenging decisions

Of course going out and having a good time makes us feel good. So does watching seven consecutive hours of Stranger Things… trust me! You know what else makes us feel good and leads to proven positive academic outcomes? Adequate sleep. A healthy diet. Giving yourself enough time to fulfil your goals and tend to your priorities. Being surrounded by positive, supportive people.

Self-care is knowing what makes you feel good and healthy – and choosing to do them! For example, getting enough sleep can be a challenge as a student, but being disciplined enough to turn off the television or social media instead of sleeping can be even more difficult. The same can be said for junk food. Choosing the right thing for yourself is so important.

When you look at it this way, self-care is a series of often challenging decisions that can pay off.

2. Incorporating self-care into your routine

Self-care also means incorporating positive decisions into your routine. For example, taking time at the beginning of the term to figure out how you’re going to manage your time and priorities with yourself in mind will lead to a less stressful term. In turn, it will increase your likelihood of achieving your academic goals.

Holding yourself to fewer nights out while school is in session, and giving yourself time to shop for and prepare nutritious meals each week are also great ways to incorporate self-care into your routine.

3. using resources available to you at TFS

You can check out the Student Services section of myTFS for self-care tips and resources. You can also meet with a member of your student services team if you want to talk about how you can better care for yourself during your time at TFS. We are eager to talk to you about self-care and your success! Check out the school directory here.


zs-mytfsIf you want to discuss self-care or time management, studying, budgeting, note taking, or anything other school-related skills, contact Zac.

Zac Schraeder is the Toronto Film School Student Advisor, and he is here to help. He is based at the Davisville and Dundas Campuses and is available at [email protected] or 416-929-0121 extension 1226.