Fashion Design Valedictorian has Already Started his Own Costume Design Business

Wesley Tang is the 2016 Valedictorian of the Fashion Design program at the Toronto Film School. A lifelong resident of Toronto, Ontario, Wesley is already making a name for him in the world of fashion. In addition to starting his own costume design business, Wesley has decided to continue his education and has enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration at Yorkville University. Find out more about Wesley in this Q&A.


TFS: What brought you to Toronto Film School?

WT: My interest for fashion design and the increased attention I would get from the small class sizes.


TFS: Why did you choose your program?

WT: I’ve been interested in all things to do with art from a young age. Fashion design always stood out and really caught my interest while I was growing up.



TFS: Why do you think you were chosen as the Valedictorian for your program?

WT: I believe I am a hardworking individual with a strong work ethic.  I always completed assignments on time and would even try to submit them earlier. I make sure to put 110% into my work and will not stop until it is completed perfectly. Not only did I perform well in the school environment, I was able to carry my work ethic and dedication into the real world after graduation.


TFS: If you offered one piece of advice to an incoming student, what would that be?

WT: You truly have to fight each and every day for the things that you want/ have a passion for. Each day is a new day and an additional opportunity to improve yourself and your skills in your craft. Take each opportunity to get the most out of everything you are taught, and you can never be too analytical or try too many times. It only takes an attempt to accomplish a goal, what you never see is the hundreds of times that they may have failed before they rose to the occasion.



TFS: What is one of the most important things you have learned/experienced at TFS?

WT: The ability to work under pressure and allow the pressure to keep you going and spark more creativity, allowing for expansion of your headspace to reach places you’ve never thought were possible.


TFS: What kept you motivated?

WT: Motivation came from everything around me. From the peers in my class to my surroundings that never ceased to provide ample inspiration. My family was always there supporting me and motivating me every step of the way.


TFS: What are your plans after graduation?

WT: After graduation I immediately started working at a costume design company meanwhile continuing my studies in Yorkville University’s BBA program. Having worked for 2 costumes design companies, I decided to start on my own and start my own business. With my costume design company named Wesley Tang Designs, I push the boundaries of dance costume design introducing runway trends and exceptional quality into the mix. While running a business I have also been cast as a Transylvanian and have been busy filming on the set of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


TFS: What makes Toronto Film School and your experience here special?

WT: Toronto film school is so special because it is truly a creatively intensive incubator crafted to produce top quality fashion designers. My experience was intensified through the helpful nature of all the teachers and industry professionals that we were able to be mentored by.


TFS: If someone asked you to describe Toronto Film School to them, what would you say?

WT: It’s more than just a film school! It a place that is dedicated to providing you a quality education.