5 Canadian Movies We Can’t Wait to Watch in 2023

5 upcoming movies 2023

Canada has never been short on film talent. Legendary directors such as David Cronenberg, James Cameron, and Sarah Polley all call The Great White North “home.” So do actors like Ryan Gosling, Keanu Reeves, and Ana Paquin. The country boasts a thriving indie film scene, and has become the go-to shoot location for many Hollywood studios. Not only this, Canada hosts TIFF, which is one of the largest annual film festivals in the world.

But when it comes to promotion, Canada’s filmmakers face a recurring challenge: their movies must compete with Hollywood’s heavily marketed and highly-hyped counterparts. In the past, this obstacle may have felt nearly insurmountable. However, in 2023 – thanks to advances in streaming tech and a growing demand for diverse stories – barriers have been broken and the future of Canadian cinema has never been so bright.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at this stellar list of Canadian movies coming out in 2023!

Most Anticipated Canadian Movies of 2023

blackberry 2023 movie


Director Matt Johnson describes “Blackberry” as a return to the “bold, director-driven cinema of the 1980s” – an exciting pitch for a film about one of Canada’s most interesting corporate stories. Based on the bestselling book “Losing the Signal,” the movie chronicles the dramatic rise and fall of the Blackberry smartphone and its Canadian parent company, Research in Motion.

The film’s stars, Jay Baruchel (“Knocked Up”) and Glenn Howerton (“Always Sunny in Philadelphia”), promise to bring enough laughs to counterbalance the fact this story is, ultimately, a tragic one. Research in Motion launched the modern-day smartphone from Waterloo, Ontario, a small university town East of Toronto. Within a few short years, however, the company was pushed out of its own market by Apple and Android.

If you’re a fan of corporate dramas or simply nostalgic for the heyday of BBM, this film is a must-see!

Release Date: TBD
Directed by Matt Johnson
Produced by Rhombus Media and Zapruder Films
Starring Jay Baruchel, Emily Hampshire, and Peter Gallagher

infinity pool movie

Infinity Pool

Set to premiere at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, “Infinity Pool” is the latest sci-fi horror from Brandon Cronenberg, the son of legendary Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg. The new film stars A-listers Alexander Skarsgård and Cleopatra Coleman as James and Em, a wealthy couple who decide to vacation on the remote island of La Tolqa. Following a fatal accident, the couple becomes unexpectedly engulfed in the resort’s dark underbelly where they are exposed to a perverse and violent form of hedonistic tourism.

If that skin-crawling premise doesn’t pull you in, you can at least bank on Brandon’s successful sci-fi horror pedigree. His previous film, “Possessor,” has already been elevated to cult status since its release three years ago. And it looks like the surrealist style that made that film so special has only been turned up a notch with “Infinity Pool.”

Release Date: January 27th, 2023
Produced by Film Forge, Hero Squared, and 4 Film
Directed by Brandon Cronenberg
Starring Alexander Skarsgard, Mia Goth, Cleopatra Coleman

women talking movie

Women Talking

Canadian director Sarah Polley’s “Women Talking” is a tragic and profoundly moving film about the way conversation can lead to change. The movie follows a group of isolated Mennonite women who band together to report their abusers through secret deliberation with one of their community’s elder men. Although the film is technically an American production, we had to add it to our list. It’s directed by a Canadian, filmed in Toronto, and based on a novel by Canadian author Miriam Toews!

With a star-studded ensemble featuring Rooney Mara, Claire Foy, Francis McDormand, and Jessie Buckley, “Women Talking” is sure to be one of this year’s best films – in Canada and beyond.

Release Date: January 13, 2023,
Produced by Hear/Say Productions
Directed by Sarah Polley
Starring Rooney Mara, Claire Foy, and Jessie Buckley

humane movie


Next up is another film from yet another Cronenberg. But this time it’s David’s daughter, Caitlin, who will be making her directorial debut with the environmental thriller “Humane.” Shot in Hamilton, Ontario, this harrowing sci-fi unfolds over a single day in a bleak and dystopic future. The film’s central premise: a massive environmental collapse has caused world leaders to turn to extreme methods for curbing population growth.

Starring Canadian Jay Baruchel (“Knocked Up”), this sci-fi flick will offer viewers a marvellously twisted take on environmental politics. Be sure to check it out!

Release Date: January 2023
Produced by Victory Man Productions, Téléfilm Canada, and Ontario Creates
Directed by Caitlin Cronenberg
Starring Jay Baruchel, Emily Hampshire, and Peter Gallagher

twice colonized

Twice Colonized

Premiering at Sundance 2023, “Twice Colonized” is a feature-length documentary about Aaju Peter, a renowned Inuit lawyer who, in the wake of her son’s death, embarks on a mission to reclaim her culture after decades of forced assimilation. It was produced by Ánorâk Films and developed by Circle Women Doc Accelerator, a Canadian program dedicated to female-identifying documentarians.

This Canadian production tells an important and eye-opening story, which is why it is one of the most anticipated docs screening at Sundance this year.

Release Date: January 2023
Produced by Victory Man Productions, Caitlin Cronenberg, and Ontario Creates
Directed by Caitlin Cronenberg
Starring Anorak Film, Eye Steel Film, and Red Marrow Media

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Canadian Cinema Set To Steal the Spotlight in 2023

If 2022 is remembered as the year Hollywood made its post-pandemic comeback, then we’d argue 2023 will be looked back at as the year Canada cinema officially re-entered the game – and in full force!

From Brandon Cronenberg’s mind-bending sci-fi horror “Infinity Pool” to Sarah Polley’s Oscar-nominated “Women Talking,” this year is chock full of can’t-miss Canadian cinema. Happy new year, and have fun watching!

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