The following individuals serve on Toronto Film School’s senior administration team:



Andrew Barnsley,
President, Toronto Film School
Ashley Dafel, MBA,
Chief Operating Officer,
Toronto Film School
Brian Fearncombe,
Chief Financial Officer,
Toronto Film School
Chris Gain, MBA,
Chief Information Officer,
Toronto Film School

Hadi Farashahi,

Chief Transformation Officer

Dr. Lydia He,
Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer (CMRO)

Dr. Allyson Lowe,

Provost and Executive Vice President



Paula Shneer
Vice President, Instruction
Jordan Walker
Program Director,
Film Production
Hart Massey
Program Director,
Michelle Daly
Program Director,
Rob Elsworthy
Program Director,
Video Game Animation
Jean Paul Amore
Program Director,
Video Game Design & Development
Natalie Ryan
Program Coordinator,
ESL Pathway
Pheinixx Paul
Program Director,
Graphic Design
Adam Till
Program Director,
Bachelor of Creative Arts



Loring Phinney
Vice President,
Marketing & Communications
Christopher Fraser
Vice President, Student Recruitment
Tyler Dunham, BMus (Perf)
Vice President, Regulatory and Government Affairs
Greg Nichol, BA
Student Finance
Annie John
Registrar & Director of Operations
Mayer Elharar
Vice President,
Thamina Jaferi, JD
Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Jon Hunter
Associate Vice President- Production and Development
Jessica Lorette
Director, Student