Course descriptions and program timetable

  • Module 1: Talking About Art and Ourselves – Art Inspiration, Creative Expression
  • Module 2: Listening to and Communicating Key Concepts of Visual Communications – Documentaries, Fashion and Film, Acting: the role of emotion
  • Module 3: Listening to a Lecture about Visual Communications – Both Formal and Informal – Acting and Film History
  • Module 4: Giving Presentations about Visual – The future of the art industry
  • Module 5: Review and Consolidation
  • Module 1: Presenting and Talking about Ideas– Fashion Design, Advertising
  • Module 2: Talking about Processes in Visual Communications – Principles of Visual Communications
  • Module 3: Discussing Ideas and Presenting as a Group – Storyboards
  • Module 4: Speaking and Writing about Visual Communications – The Video Game Industry
  • Module 5: Review and Consolidation
  • Module 1: Expressing Opinions about Visual Communications– The role of social media in the art industry
  • Module 2: Researching and Writing about Visual Communications– Entrepreneurship, Film Production
  • Module 3: Speaking Naturally about Art Concepts – Improvisation
  • Module 4: Taking Part in a Seminar about Visual Communications– Sustainable design and materials, Colour Theory
  • Module 5: Review and Consolidation