Using a Passion for Art to Create Games | Sabrina Chotai ‘s Video Game Design and Animation Story

A mother of two boys, Sabrina reached the point where she needed to decide what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. She knew she wanted to do something she loved, but she just wasn’t sure what that was. Sabrina loved digital drawing and playing video games, so when she happened upon the Video Game Design and Animation at Toronto Film School, it was the answer she was looking for. She never imagined she could make games for a living, but Toronto Film School taught her how.



What brought you to Toronto Film School?

After having my children I need to find another passion in my life other than dance or drawing. One that I could make a living at and that could work with having children. I remember as a teen hearing about the Toronto Film School, so I looked into it and learned about the Video Game Design and Animation Diploma which teaches you how to draw in a digital way which is what is also good for creating comics.


Before starting at Toronto Film School was there anything that was holding you back from pursuing your passion? If so how did you overcome that fear?

A few things were holding me back from going to school, including that I had to find a way to fund my education. I did and I know that once I graduate and find employment in the industry money won’t be a worry and I can provide for my children and give them the kind of upbringing I never really had.



What is one of the most important things you have learned/experienced at Toronto Film School?

Through this program, I have learned everything you need to know about owning your own studio,  which will help because I have big plans for the future in games as well as comic design. I love the concept and digital drawing course what I will need for what I want to do as a career.


What kept you motivated in your studies?

My family kept me motivated. The goal at the end of it all and my family’s love is what keeps me aimed at the finish line. I also want to show the world that I am an extraordinary person.



What made Toronto Film School and your experience here special?

What made my time at Toronto Film School great was some of my awesome teachers: Ramon Delgado, Topher Turner, Brad Furminger, Vince Chui, Wojtek Kawczynski. They were all a great help in getting me where I needed to be. I am in a place now where I understand the art side of gaming as well as the business side.

If you offered one piece of advice to an incoming student, what would that be?

If I was to give advice to another student it would be to stay strong and use your time wisely in order to balance school and life. Start working on your assignment as soon as you receive them and Ask a lot of questions.  The teachers here love it answer your questions and it shows your passion.