Toronto Film School Celebrates Eighth Time Taking Top Prize in Catwalk Contest

For the eighth time, a team of Toronto Film School Fashion Design students took home the top prize and a $10,000 design kit at the annual Project Creativ Catwalk contest.

“I’m so proud of our team, and their excellent work,” said Fashion Design Core Faculty and the team’s faculty advisor, Keith Richardson. “As usual, the Toronto Film School team demonstrated excellent skill, workmanship and teamwork.”


Each year the Creativ Festival hosts Project Creativ Catwalk where top fashion design schools, including the Toronto Film School, compete over the course of three days to create the best garment on a given theme. The theme this year was “Canada 150”. Students were given a $200 budget and could only use supplies purchased on-site at the festival.



Toronto Film School team members, Edoardo Rossi Caiati, Michael Estes and Sandra Bueler worked in collaboration to create the stunning winning design. Inspired by the arctic snow, fall leaves, trees and transformation, the dress did just that, transformed from one design to another.



The win was particularly impressive given the theme and the fact that two of the three team members are international students. The team said it took some research and brainstorming, but they were proud of the design they came up with and how it translated to the runway.



Creativ Festival, is Canada’s largest “do-it-yourself” consumer show dedicated to the creative arts of sewing, knitting, beading, spinning, weaving, felting, quilting, crocheting, stitching, scrapbooking, crafting and other fibre, textile, needle and paper arts. This year it was held from Oct. 26 to 28.